The Spindle Speed of PS4 PRO Stock Hard Drive (HDD)

With the 1tb of storage capacity PS4 PRO hard drive comes with, fanboys are interested to know the speed the stock hard drive runs at in order to make their decision about the future hard drive they wish to replace the stock drive with. In fact, and in all situations, changing the stock hard drive of PS4 to a faster one, like an SSHD or even better to an SSD will make a real difference in performance.

The importance of hard drive speed

You’re more likely to use a portable drive to transfer large files between different computers, so a faster drive will save you time. Hard drives spin at certain speed which determines the data transfer rate between the drive and the CPU. Sometimes bottlenecks occur, so a chunk of on-drive memory, the buffer (not shown), acts as a way station for inbound or outbound data delayed in transit. PS4 PRO hard drive speed is not expected to be more than 5400rpm, especially if you know that it’s configured with SATA II interface. Unless you have a very fast internet connection, this won’t be a fun adventure. We saw only marginal differences between the Samsung and Seagate drives in our HTPC trace, with the former slightly outpacing the latter. We considered only those drives with USB 3.0 connections.

finding out about the speed of PS4 PRO HDD

It can also predictively stash oft-requested data to spare the drive from having to mechanically fetch it. The fastest and easiest option is to do a direct transfer via ethernet, but the target PS4 needs to have at more HDD capacity than the amount of data on the source PS4. You can upgrade PS4 PRO internal hard drive to a larger and faster one if you are an enthusiast who has lots of games to play. The Seagate Mobile HDD posted 38.8MB/s and 522 IOPS, with an average latency of 15.3ms (vs. Anything faster isn’t necessary for portable hard drives, because they’re limited by disk speed, not the USB interface. When a buffer “hit” occurs, data transfer soars for a brief moment—that’s because the buffer’s solid-state memory is far faster than the hard-working (but mechanical) platters and arms.

Determining the spindle speed of PS4 PRO hard drive

You can check this under Settings > System Storage Management, where you can also analyse how much space each game is taking up and delete them individually or in bulk, if necessary. Samsung’s 39.1MB/s, 526 IOPS and 15.1ms, average latency). If you’re going to make a test on the speed of PS4 PRO hard drive, you’ll most probably be disappointed by the low rates you’ll get. The final consumer real-life benchmark simulates disk activity during gaming. Portable SSDs can benefit from USB 3.1 Gen 23: SanDisk’s Extreme 900 SSD is around seven times faster than our top picks, but it’s also seven times as expensive. Inside a modern hard drive, a stack of mirror-smooth aluminum or glass platters spins at a constant rate. You cannot selectively transfer games from one PS4 to another.

This simulation taxes the drive’s read performance, with 6% write operations and 94% read operations. As the new USB standard becomes more common and the prices of solid-state drives drop, we expect to find an affordable portable SSD with USB 3.1 Gen 2. PS4 PRO hard drive is just a mainstream hard drive, which is not expected to be so fast with a high speed level. The platters are mounted on a smooth-running spindle whose rotation is eased by an oil-filled bearing, and are driven by a high-speed motor. (Glass may seem an odd choice of materials for the platters; when used, it’s found most often in notebook drives. This will only potentially be a factor if you have upgraded the HDD in the source PS4 to more than 1TB. The test consists of a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit system pre-configured with Steam, with Grand Theft Auto 4, Left 4 Dead 2, and Mass Effect 2 already downloaded and installed.

What’s important is the data transfer rate

For now, USB 3.0 is fine. It’s more rigid than aluminum at a given thickness, and therefore makes possible thinner platters.) Interleaved with the platters, lightweight actuator arms, one for each platter side, swivel in unison on a pivot, controlled by a coil in the pivot mechanism. The PS4 Pro comes with a 1TB HDD as standard, while PS4s have been sold with either 500GB or 1TB thus far. You shouldn’t worry much about PS4 PRO hard drive speed once your game is fully loaded, because then the advantage of the high speed would diminish vividly. The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the start, as well as textures as the game progresses. A portable hard drive should have a decent warranty and strong customer support.

what matters mostly in PS4 PRO hard drive is not speed, but performance

Each of these arms is tipped by a drive head, which is mounted on a tiny suspension mechanism that’s designed to fly, thanks to a law known as Bernoulli’s principle, a minuscule distance above the platters. If you’ve installed a 1.5TB or 2TB drive and wish to do a direct transfer, you maybe need to delete apps and games or upgrade the drive in the PS4 Pro first. Try to find a better speed and capacity for your PS4 PRO storage device by going to a good 2tb PS4 PRO HDD. The Seagate Mobile HDD posted a stronger performance than the Samsung Spinpoint in our gaming trace. A warranty can get you a replacement drive if yours fails due to manufacturer defect, but it generally won’t cover the cost of data recovery. The heads ride above the surface on a cushion of air that is created by the spinning of the platters.


Transferring 1.33TB of data over gigabit ethernet took around 7 hours. These results are somewhat validating for the Seagate Mobile HDD, considering that the Samsung Spinpoint was originally designed to serve primarily in this use case. Don’t think so high on the speed of PS4 PRO hard drive, or else you’ll be severely disappointed when you find out it’s not more than 5400rpm. Even if it does, data recovery services are never a sure thing. The platter surfaces are coated with a thin film that stabilizes the magnetically reactive particles that are spread across the disk. The initial time estimate quickly plummeted from 33 hours, and I left this to run overnight.