The Need of using an SSD in PS4 PRO

The trend to upgrading the internal storage device of PS4 PRO with a much faster alternative is rapidly escalating day after day. One of the most popular options is to replace the PS4 PRO stock mechanical hard drive with the flash-based solid-state Drive (SSD) that has proven to be the fastest data storage device in computer systems.

What kind of SSD fits into PS4 PRO drive bay

While many hard drive manufacturers list a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes (a decimal measurement), many systems define a gigabyte as 1,073,741,824 bytes, therefore a 1TB drive can only hold 931GB of data. And unlike the recent slimmed-down PS4 revision, the PS4 Pro thankfully has an optical audio port. Clearly, Sony is making a statement that PS4 and Pro are of the same family, but this does result in some confusion. Using the best SSD for PS4 PRO will ensure that your game console runs at its utmost level that offers the ultimate gaming experience you could ever get from any other storage device. The SSD also features Dynamic Thermal Guard protecting your SSD from overheating in extreme situations and also has AES 256-bit and TCG Opal 2.0 hardware encryption to securely protect your data from hackers – this however needs to be enabled through Samsung’s Magician software and be used on a UEFI-enabled BIOS. The SSD 850 Pro excels in performance and features, but given its high-end focus it’s not a cost efficient solution for the majority of consumers.

PS4 PRO storage can be upgraded to an SSD

They’re triple-cell rather than multi-cell bits of silicon, which means that each individual data cell stores three bits of data rather than two. If you own a PS4 Slim and wish to upgrade the stock hard drive with another newer and bigger one, try reading our PS4 Slim Internal Hard Drive upgrade, Where we made some of the best recommendations in the industry. The Samsung SSD 850, which came out two and a half years ago, on average costs about 31 cents per gigabyte. Therefore when you plug in an empty drive you’ll see less capacity than advertised even without any files saved to the drive. Dolby Digital headset users rejoice! For example, there is no indication of whether the game you are about to load has specific PS4 Pro support or not.

Determining the best SSD option

More information about the technology used within the SSD and its features can be found on Samsung’s website. The PS4 PRO hard drive swap should be done carefully, especially when it comes to choosing the right storage device to replace the stock hard drive with. At this year’s Flash Memory Summit, Samsung teased us about an upcoming TLC V-NAND SSD, which would solve the cost issue while still providing all the benefits of 3D NAND technology. That choice means more data can be stored in the same amount of memory, which means that the Evo’s costs are lowered – but it also means performance will take a hit because of that increased density. It’s likely that the MX300’s price will get even lower in next couple of months. (Currently only the 750GB model seems to be available in Australia, the rest of the prices above are conversions.)The MX300 supports the highest AES 256-bit hardware encryption, making it great for business users looking to keep their data private. Suddenly, that extra 50GB seems more relevant, giving you closer to true 1TB capacity than some of its rivals.

SSD adds more power to games on PS4 PRO console

SSD Performance Boost for PS4 PRO

It also has very high endurance rating. The Crucial MX300 SSD uses the Marvell 88SS1074 4-channel controller and Micron 384-bit TLC NAND. They’re also a little tough to find until you get used to their odd placement at either side of the Pro’s middle “blade.” You can though use an external hard drive for PS4 PRO if you don’t plan for any storage upgrade in the near future. But you must be aware that boosting the performance of an SSD to work at its best on PS4 PRO console looks like a good idea at the first glance. In terms of UI and software features, this is mostly the same PS4 you know and love, which sadly means there’s no support for 4K blu-ray playback. Personally, I’d be far more likely to revisit games in my collection if a free 4K or high frame-rate update suddenly became available. Samsung use triple level cell (TLC) technology, which is known as a cheap way of storing data (bits) on the drive’s cells, due to it being able to store three bits of data per cell.

Last Words

Overall, its weight, curved lines, and glossy-finished PlayStation logo give the PS4 Pro a substantial, premium feel, but the cheap-feeling and comically tiny physical eject and power buttons betray the aesthetic just a bit. Even if you go with a 4tb hard drive for PS4 PRO, this won’t offer the speed you dream of from a storage device. There’s not even anything like a pop-up explaining that Pro upgrade patches may be available for titles in your library. Possibly one of the most interesting features of the 850 Evo is its use of Samsung’s very own V-NAND technology. The waiting is now over and the drive is (unsurprisingly) called the SSD 850 EVO. The 850 Evo’s smaller capacities – 120GB, 250GB and 500GB – are powered by Samsung’s MGX controller.