The largest hard drive upgrade for PS4 PRO

Many PS4 PRO fanboys feel that the 1tb of storage capacity Sony offers with their newest and most powerful game console is not enough for their extreme gaming needs, so they are inclined to swap the stock hard drive of their game console with a larger capacity drive that meets their expectations and suffices their data storage needs. But the real question here is: What’s the largest capacity hard drive PS4 PRO operating system can handle?

The answer to this question is simple: it’s unlimited. As long as the drive goes with the standards of PS4 PRO hard drive upgrade, then any capacity can be acceptable, but surely without some minor errors in the system that you’re going to observe once you accomplish the upgrade process.

It was reported though that the largest hard drive capacity with which you can upgrade your PS4 PRO without any error is 4tb, and any larger capacity than that would cause some minor issues with the systems, although these issues are not significant to the overwhelming users, and games can be played normally despite of them.

Sony PS4 PRO game console allows unlimited hard drive capacity upgrade

Why to upgrade PS4 PRO hard drive to a too large capacity?

First, SSDs are faster at reading and writing data. You can find out the capacity of your hard drive buffer on the chip manufacturer’s website. A jumper was the way to do it. Back at the main prompt, enter P and you’ll see the new partition in the list. Second, SSDs require less power draw which conserves energy and extends laptop battery life. For example, the memory chip in Figure 4 is a Hynix HY57V161610DTC chip. Yes, it’s true that larger is better, but not all situation, especially when it comes to a game console like PS4 PRO that wasn’t meant to bear too large storage space inside it. On SATA drives, all the assignations for drives are done through the SATA interface—no need for jumpers. It has no ID at the moment, though, so enter T, then the partition number, and then Shift+ L to list available types. Third, SSDs have no moving parts so they make no noise and have longer lifespans. Going to Hynix’s website you can find this is a 16 Mb (Megabit) chip.

So you’re spinning vinyl records, but you don’t want to lift the needle to find a particular track, so you wait until the record revolves around the turntable to find your music. Enter 83 for a Linux partition, 82 for a swap partition, or 7 for a Windows (NTFS) partition. If you need larger storage capacity for PS4 PRO, and you feel that 1tb is not enough for your needs, think about a 2tb hard drive capacity for PS4 PRO or even 4tb capacity. An SSD does not have a mechanical arm to read and write data, it instead relies on an embedded processor (or “brain”) called a controller to perform a bunch of operations related to reading and writing data. The capacity of memory chips is given in Megabits, while we use Megabyte to refer to memory capacity. Same thing with your read/write heads on the hard disk.

Ps4 PRO accepts any replacement hard drive size as long as it goes with its standards

Largest Possible Capacity for PS4 PRO

Now enter W to write the changes to disk, or Q to quit without writing. File fragmentation does not slow down SSD. (Windows automatically switches off defragmentation when SSD is used.) In desktops SSD disks are often used for the operating system and programs and hard disks for data. Thus we need to divide the value given in Megabit by eight in order to have the value in Megabyte. Latency is the time it takes the disk to revolve to find your data block. PS4 PRO allows its users to upgrade the stock hard drive to any capacity they wish, without any limitation, just make sure the drive corresponds with the standards Sony specified for the PS4 PRO HDD upgrade process. One of the biggest choices you face when installing Linux and partitioning a hard drive is this: do you put the / home directory on a separate partition? The downside is that SSDs are more expensive and have smaller data capacities than HDDs. So, this chip is a 2 MB (Megabyte) chip, so this hard drive buffer is of 2 MB. Average latency for a 5400 rpm drive is about 5.8 milliseconds. This is where user files live – that is, personal documents and settings for user accounts, as opposed to operating system files, which live in separate directories. If price is a big concern, go with a traditional HDD.

Partitioning the huge capacity to smaller ones

In Figure 5, you can see another chip, which is a SATA/ATA converter chip. Average time for you to get your groove on: at least 15 minutes. Some Linux distributions recommend using a separate partition, whereas others default to dropping everything into the same partition. Imagine you have upgrade PS4 PRO stock hard drive to 6tb or even 8tb, partitioning this huge capacity seems mandatory in order to manage the heaps of data stored on that particular drive. If you’re buying the drive mainly as a backup or external drive, go with a traditional HDD. A lot of manufacturers instead of designing Serial ATA controller chips simply pick ATA controller chips and add a converter chip to convert the hard drive Serial ATA interface into regular ATA.

Mean Time Between Failure, or the number of hours it takes for a drive to fail. So, what do you do? If the drive is going to run an operating system or hold a lot of frequently-accessed files and programs, go with an SSD. This is the case of the hard drive in Figure 5, which uses the Marvell 88i8030 converter chip. Don’t be fooled by this number; the MTBF for some drives is 5 million hours.

deciding which hard drive upgrade is best for PS4 PRO

Last Words

The answer depends on how you want to use your machine. The speed at which the platters rotate is called RPM. So even though this hard drive has a Serial ATA interface, it is not a “true” Serial ATA hard drive (it is not a “native” Serial ATA hard drive), since its controller chip is still ATA. Does that mean that your drive will fail roughly around the advent of the next Ice Age? If you plan to try many different distros, and you’re often installing new ones over the top of old ones, then it makes sense to have a separate /home partition. Yes, PS4 PRO needs a larger hard drive capacity, but not too large to the extent that most of it will remain empty for years. You can consider adding an external hard drive to PS4 PRO instead and just try a 2tb hard drive capacity for your next upgrade. Today’s most common RPM rates, in both laptop and desktop PCs, are between 5400 and 7200 RPM. You may be wonder how do we know the function of each chip on the logic board. No, it means they took 500,000 hard drives, ran them for 1,000 hours, and determined what the fail point was. In this way, you can do what you like with the operating system – upgrade it, downgrade it, or wipe it all and try some random new distro from the Faroe Islands. Given two identically designed hard drives with the same areal densities, a 7200 RPM drive will deliver data about 33% faster than the 5400 RPM drive.