PS4 System Storage Error Fix – [How To]

It happens sometimes when you upgrade PS4 hard drive to another one, that you’ll get the following error message that indicates there’s a system storage error detected with your storage media and that PS4 system cannot start accordingly:

PS4 system storage error

If you are getting this message, fixing it is way too easy.

Simply watch the following video and follow its steps, and you’ll be done.

What’s PS4 Storage Error

The PS4 storage error is a defect occurs during the PS4 system’s startup process, not allowing the system to start due to a malfunction caused by the system storage device (usually featured by a mechanical hard drive).

To keep things neat, pick up some right-angled USB 3.0 extension leads that sit flush in the groove of the PS4. In addition, the USB interface of PS4 is different from other game consoles and it is very difficult to plug a drive. This error can simply stop the whole PS4 system from working until it’s totally fixed. So, how does PS4 Pro fit into all of this? Grab your trusty Phillips screwdriver and tackle that PlayStation screw. For that, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device.

Fix PS4 system error

Types of PS4 System Errors

Probably there’s only one type of PS4 system storage error that comes with the code number CE-34335-8 and described as: “Cannot Access System Storage“. You probably fail to plug in the port if the interface of your USB drive is too big. As we know, PS4 Pro offers faster loading times on average anyway, compared to a regular PS4. Once you’ve removed it, you’ll be able to slide out the existing PS4 HDD in its little metal surround – the tray of which is highlighted by a little handle. This will give you the chance to back up all your saves to a USB stick or external hard drive in case you ever want to use them again.

It was reported that fixing the hard drive properly inside the PS4 drive cage can simply fix this error. So make sure all your screws are in place and the hard drive is well connected to the system via the cables. Actually, you think you have connected it to PS4 but it is not. The difference is slight on most games, but more pronounced with the likes of Pro-supported titles like Battlefield 1 and Skyrim. PlayStation has made it as easy as it possibly could to replace. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, there’s even better news. In the above two parts, we show you different reasons in two situations, and now we will introduce you the different solutions about these two cases.

Hard Drive failure

You might have used for your storage upgrade a defected hard drive that doesn’t function properly in the first place. Therefore you must verify it is a well-functioning hard drive by testing it on a PC and running a “check desk” utility to find any potential physical error. And as you can see from the table above, PS4 Pro certainly wins out on the stock side of the equation, no doubt. You’ll then need to remove the four black screws at the corners of the hard drive tray, leaving the rubber bungs behind. Sony will automatically back your saves up in the cloud, so you can delete and re-download them at will. If you receive a message saying the device cannot be used due to the unsupported file system, it is necessary to change the file system to FAT32 or exFAT or format USB drive. However, when you look at the 4TB drive data, really there’s not a lot in it.

Precautionary Step

To avoid any disastrous consequence of this error, and to protect your favorite games and important files from loss due to this error, it’s strongly recommended that you take a backup copy of your hard drive regularly, so when this storage system error occurs, you won’t put your hand on your heart in a fear to lose all your data. The standard HGST drive will slide right out once they’re removed. It’s worth double-checking the backups are working before you clear anything though – go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Upload to Online Storage and confirm everything’s been uploaded before you start clearing it out. So, how to do this work? PS4 Pro wins out by a second, cutting 55 down to 54. If you have owned a PS4 PRO, we suggest that you pick a good external hard drive for PS4 PRO and set it as a backup storage device. Put the new drive into the tray, making sure that the flat side is at the handle end of the tray and the exposed components are flat side down at the open end of the tray.

Mae sure the hard drive is fixed properly in place

Problem with PS4 stock hard drive

If you wish, on the other hand, you can upgrade PS4 system storage to 2tb capacity and enjoy the vast storage space and optimized performance it offers. If you don’t want to delete any of your files or games, or have cleared some but still just don’t have enough space, then the next step is to expand your storage. Here we will show you the methods in details. The gains are minor overall then. You may not be aware that the stock hard drive of PS4 is just an old and obsolete model that its manufacturer stopped developing years ago. For this reason, especially if you own a PS4 PRO model, you better upgrade it to a modern drive that offers more space and better performance. We suggest that you try the 2tb hard drive upgrade for PS4 PRO, as it is the maximum hard drive sized allowed based on the availability of compatible drives on the market. Sometimes it’s useful to take a picture of the previous tray so you remember which way in the new one is supposed to go. There are two basic methods: connecting an external USB hard drive, or upgrading the internal one.


Fixing the PS4 system error that indicates the inability of access is not a hard work. It is either your hard drive is not fixed properly inside the drive cage, and you need to make sure the screws are all well-fixed in place, or that your hard drive itself is just dying and having the symptoms of death. Some of you may ask: PS4 supports exFAT and FAT32, so which one is better to choose as the file system of your USB drive? Overall, we’re really happy that Sony has rolled out external hard drive support for the PlayStation 4 – something that never happened on its predecessor (despite OS-level support, as seen on hacked consoles). Try getting a 2tb external hard drive to backup the internal storage of PS4 on a regular basis, so such an error won’t be a source of fear to you anymore. Although Sony’s support for user-upgrades of the internal drive is laudable, the upgrade procedure is a bit convoluted, a full format is required, and valuable data needs to be backed up before installing the new drive. Then fit the black screws back into place. PS4 owners waited years before Sony added support for game installs on external USB hard drives, but system update 4.5 finally added the functionality in March 2017. Like NTFS, exFAT allows individual files larger than 4GB.