PS4 Storage Unit – Things You Must Know

PlayStation 4, just like any other game console, has the ability to store games on a special storage unit that holds them for as long as the user doesn’t delete them. As for PS4, the storage unit employed is a spinning mechanical hard drive with the following specifications:

  • Brand: HGST
  • Capacity: 500gb (old model) or 1tb (new model)
  • 5400 RPM spindle speed
  • 2.5-inch form factor
  • 8mb cache buffer
  • SATA II bus interface
  • This drive is an obsolete and outdated drive that doesn’t meet the modern standards of a good storage device, although many users are happy with it not knowing the limitations and drawbacks of this drive, and not knowing that they can easily upgrade it to a drive with larger storage capacity and higher performance.

    If you wish to upgrade PS4 hard drive, please visit this article on which illustrates the process in detail as well as alternative methods to expand the system storage instead of replacing the stock hard drive.

    What’s PS4 Storage Unit

    As stated above, PS4 storage unit is featured by a mechanical hard drive with a modest performance level. The other new model is called the PlayStation 4 Pro. In this scenario, we clocked 51 seconds externally, versus 47 with the SSD installed internally. On the General tab you will find the model number of that drive. SSD technology is truly amazing and it’s only going to improve from here on out. It might feel like it’s sticking in parts, but just apply a little force.

    Storage unit found in PS4 is just a mere hard disk drive

    To fit the PS4 it will need to be no greater than 9.5mm in depth or it will be too big for the hard drive enclosure drawer. The main aspect to consider in these situations is simply how many gigabytes you can get for your hard earned cash. It seems that the storage unit in all PS4 models are the same. You’ll see how much space each app or game is taking up, so look for any games that you won’t play again soon and are taking up plenty of space. So maybe you can get by with 1TB for a while. The sluggish speed of data storage compared to the pace at which processors can work on data has become a significant bottleneck on the capabilities of computers.

    Upgrading PS4 Storage Unit

    The storage unit of PS4 comes in a limitation of storage capacity that doesn’t exceed 1tb. Simply tell the PS4 to stop using the current drive (through ‘USB Storage Devices’), before unplugging it and sticking your new drive in – your PS4 should see the new drive in five to 10 seconds. Transferring games over to your new drive is as easy as heading to the ‘storage’ menu and hitting the options button. Also, you’ll be able to re-use the enclosure for your old PS4’s hard drive. You can upgrade your internal hard drive of PS4 to a modern 2tb hard drive that implements the latest storage technologies. As prices fell, enthusiasts and power-users began to transition to SSDs, at least as a primary drive. As for situation 2, if your USB drive is connected to PS4 but shows not connected, you should consider the compatibility. If you aren’t a Plus subscriber, you will have to backup all your save files.

    External storage upgrade

    The platters themselves are non-magnetic but have a magnetic coating which holds the magnetic impulses which represent the data. At best there are a couple of results where running externally is just as fast or maybe a touch faster, but these tend to be shorter loads and we suspect that it’s more margin of error in these scenarios. If you’re not confident about upgrading the internal hard drive, then why not try using an external hard drive instead? You can buy 1tb of external hard drive and add it to PS4 as an extended storage. If not, try 2tb external hard drive, it’s a good capacity also. Be careful of the rubber pads on either side of each screw—these dampen vibration, so you don’t want to knock them out of place. But with heads, platters, magnetic surfaces, spindles and an array of other complex moving parts, they are most certainly fallible. Once this section is completely removed, you’ll be able to see the metal HDD enclosure below.

    storing data on PS4 is not any difference from other systems

    Storage Unit detection

    There is one screw with the iconic PlayStation button symbols — unscrew it. If you have access to another computer, remove the failed hard drive from your sick PC, and hook it up as a secondary drive to the alternate computer. Detecting the right storage unit PS4 system is using is not a difficult mission. Select Delete, and you can pick specific save files for each game to get rid of. Another extremely well reviewed hard drive graces us with its presence. Here are a few of the emerging storage technologies that may be signs of what’s on the horizon.

    Types of storage units

    This will bring up a list of your games with the option to shift them over. In theory, you could use a large-capacity USB 3.0 flash stick to serve as a backup drive – but, given the minimum capacity for an external drive on the PS4 is 250GB, we sadly weren’t able to find one big enough to try. There’re three types of possible storage units inside PS4 box, either HDD, SSD or SSHD. Finally, the PS4’s USB slots are – annoyingly for this task – on the front of the console. Do a Google search for it and find out the specifications (form factor, data capacity and interface). Now it’s just a matter of getting a new drive that matches the form factor and interface. As we stated previously, the drive is sealed and filled with helium to reduce friction.


    If you aim for 2tb of storage upgrade for PS4 PRO, try picking one of the drives mentioned in this article. Otherwise, the storage unit featured by the stock hard drive of PS4 is pretty enough for the majority of users. As you know, PS4 is the newest game console of PlayStation series, so it is possible that some old USB storage devices are not compatible with PS4. There are some out there that will meet the specifications, at around the £100 mark, but to be on the safe side we opted for a Western Digital WD10JPVX – one of the company’s 5400RPM Blue drives with a 7mm depth which fits nicely.