PS4 Storage is Full – How to Expand it?

Using PlayStation 4 for more than a year filling it with AAA-grade games will surely kill the available storage space on the stock hard drive. This fact becomes clearer when you get to know that the stock hard drive of PS4 is limited to 1tb, which can only hold about 20 AAA-grade games, each with average size of 50gb. This is not a good news to users who have their console shared with other family members, or who have tons of video files to store on the internal hard drive.

So, what’s the solution for this situation? The answer is: either you properly manage the storage space provided to you by PS4 by freeing up more rooms and deleting old games, or just expand the internal storage space with one of the 5 methods laid out in this article published on which offers valuable information that will surely benefit you.

Why does PS4 storage get full?

The modern PS4 games are coming in a very huge file size that can reach even 70gb for each game. To a limited storage device like the stock hard drive of PS4, this is too much to handle, and with a few similar games, the storage capacity will soon gets full. Bear in mind that everything on your PlayStation 4 will be wiped when you swap your HDD out. While the final hardware build wasn’t shown and price not announced, the technical specifications and upcoming software features were. If any of your games listed in this section as a PlayStation Plus user say “Off”, their respective save games won’t have been uploaded to the cloud. At 7mm instead of 9.5mm it’s also even thinner. As the names suggest the Playstation 4 Pro will be a beefed up variant of the existing PS4, with a faster processor, better graphics, and support for 4K HDR resolution.

PS4 storage can get easily full in a short time-frame

If you have any games you know you’re not likely to play again soon, you might be better off deleting them from the console to save the space for new titles – you can always install them again, either from the disc or from the PlayStation Store if it was a digital title. Filling the system storage of PS4 with data will rapidly limit your capability to store more games in future. If money’s no object, and you want your games to load really quickly, you can also replace your PS4’s standard hard drive with an SSD. Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology promises to increase capacities of HDDs significantly in the coming years. The drive learns which files you use most and intelligently puts them onto the quicker sector. Fast forward until now and there’s absolutely no way I could install all of my games at once, they are just too massive!

Free up space

The first model is a redesign of the original unit that launched back in 2013. If you are a game user, PS4 will be a good choice. Changing out a hard drive may sound scary, but it’s not. While computer technology is constantly improving and evolving, rarely do we experience moments where we simply sit back and say “wow, that’s amazing”. You need to think about freeing up more space on your hard drive to expand the available space on the system storage. Otherwise, it will remain full and you’ll still be unable to store your new games. It’s been a while since I felt that way, but the introduction of solid-state drive (SSD) technology managed to get that reaction out of me. If the system is not shut down correctly, you may get a message that the external storage drive needs to be repaired.

Yes, Sony introduced its own 1TB version last year, but what if you can’t afford it or have an older model? Perhaps hard drives just aren’t sexy enough? It’s always faster. If it’s not listed, try to contact the seller or don’t bother. More space freed up means more room for data. Intel Optane drives, as they will be called, are based on a new way to store digital data that can operate as much as 1,000 times as fast as the flash memory technology inside hard drives, memory sticks, and mobile devices today.

Breaking the storage limitation of PS4

To fix that go to Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Functions Available in Rest Mode. Sony CEO Shuhei Yoshida made it clear in the beginning of the PS4’s lifecycle in several Tweets that there was no way to play games off an external hard drive and no plans to make it possible. You can either upgrade the internal hard drive with a larger drive, or just add an external hard drive as an extended storage that allows you to store and play games directly from the external hard drive. For the last few years, one of the easiest ways to get a substantial yet economical boost to your current rig was to swap the hard disk (HDD) with an SSD. To see which games are using up the most space and potentially delete some, head into the Applications section of System Storage Management. The replacement HDD needs to have a SATA connection at the end (see image below), and must be 9.5mm thick, and 2.5 inches wide.

A typical hard disk drive consists of a motor, spindle, platters, read/write heads, actuator and electronics. We picked up Seagate’s 1TB Game Drive for PlayStation and stuck it in a USB 3.0 enclosure to see whether that combination made a difference. You can upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 to 2tb capacity, and add up to 8tb of external storage capacity to your console. Now the real fun begins. Travel through time with us as we chronicle 50 milestones in hard-drive development–from product firsts to new technologies, and everything in between. During playing games with PS4, in all probability, you need to use a USB flash drive to do some things, for example, you want to transfer PS4 video files and pictures to a USB drive so as to watch them in other places or make a backup of these important files to avoid data loss in event of PS4 system failure.

replacing the full internal hard drive of PS4 will add more storage

How much data can PS4 HDD hold

To find out how, read on for our guide on replacing the PS4’s hard drive. If you find yourself facing a hard drive data recovery job, then you have probably forgotten the cardinal rule of computing: All hard drives eventually fail. PS4 stock hard drive comes with 1tb of storage capacity that cannot hold much data based on the modern standards. Which means you have to expect it to get full anytime soon. When it happened to me, the process didn’t take long and I didn’t notice any loss of data. I’m sure you’ve run into the same situation so let’s get that fixed. From helium hard drives to DNA digital storage, here’s what the future of data storage technology might look like.

Another positive is it doesn’t matter how full your drives get. If your existing drive is healthy and you have a good backup of the data on it, you should be good to go. We had previously reviewed the Ultrastar He6 6TB helium drive. For PS4 PRO users, it is still possible to add 2tb of storage capacity to your console and enjoy this storage expansion for an extra year. In this menu, make sure the Stay Connected to the Internet option is ticked to perform background uploads in Rest Mode. If either of those are true, you are best advised to take matters into your own hands and upgrade the drive yourself.

Maintaining a large storage capacity

With Sony’s new vision, the company touted the PS4’s specs, which will help developers create much more immersive experiences for gamers. From there you’ll see a list of every game and application installed on the system, along with how much space it’s taking up. If you look at yourself as a pro or enthusiast, then your PS4 console must have a huge storage capacity to be able to handle the flood of data you’re going to fill it with. Those are the most important elements. And whilst there are plenty of items to be justifiably psyched for beneath the hood of this tinkered console, the modifications really feel significantly less like a justifiable ‘upgrade’ and much more like a console industry obsessed with the lengthening shadow of Pc and the poisonous subject areas of ‘inferiority’ and ‘master races’.We knew this day would arrive, just after all. The answer?

expand PS4 storage when it gets full of data

Don’t let the idea of cracking open your PS4 deter you from boosting your storage. Sidequesting put together the comparison below, which measures the GPU, CPU, RAM storage and power supply. However, you probably fail to do this job since this USB storage device can’t be used by PS4. No other drive will fit. In early buzz, more people are talking about Sony’s new entry.

Eight TB is a lot better than 500 GB or 1 TB but sooner or later you’ll fill it. You’ve waited for it long enough, so go ahead and power off and unplug your PS4 and lay it out flat. You can add an external hard drive to your PS4 without having to upgrade the internal hard drive. Think about 1tb external hard drive for your PS4, it’s one of the most popular external storage upgrade for PS4. The only glimpse attendees received of the hardware was a quick glance at the new DualShock 4 controller, which had previously leaked anyway. Usually you can expect a large mechanical drive like this to suffer from slower performance as the platter fills to capacity.


When your PS4 system storage gets full, it means the stock hard drive is totally filled with data, and you have either to free up more space or just expand the system storage. This is possible throw two basic methods: upgrade the internal hard drive with a new one, or add an external hard drive as an extended storage. It is surprisingly easy to replace or upgrade your PS4’s hard drive. The previous consoles, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 both used versions of PowerPC (sometimes referred too by the technically inclined as PPC) CPU’s. If you’re not a PlayStation Plus member, or just want to make doubly sure your saves are safe, you can back them up on a USB drive. I’m here to show you the best replacement hard drives for the PS4 and how to install them yourself. Now you shouldn’t worry anymore about PS4 storage being full, as the storage expansion techniques will certainly resolve it. Good things are headed our way! To delete something, press the Options button on your controller.