PS4 Storage Expansion Guide – The Best Options

When PS4 was first released in late 2013, a 500gb of storage capacity that game console came with seemed to be pretty enough at that time, taking into consideration the relatively-small storage requirements of PS3 games that time and basing the perspective upon that.

But, to many PS3 users, game developers stunned PS fanboys with their AAA-grade games that extremely benefited from the high standards of PS4 and its new powerful features, so they developed games that come in huge file size that can even exceed the 50gb limit.

This left many users with a conviction that the PS4 stock hard drive storage limit doesn’t meet the average requirements of storage space, and that it must be expanded to double or even triple in order to hold more games and movies in it without worrying about “There is not enough free space in the system storage” message.

there not enough free space in the system storage

You may not be aware that there’re various methods to expand PS4 system storage. has illustrated the 5 most common methods in expanding PS4 storage space in this great article. So please go read it if you’re interested.

What’s PS4 Storage Expansion?

A typical hard drive will have three or four platters and modern varieties can hold 20GB per disk. PlayStation has made it as easy as it possibly could to replace. The main reason to opt for the WD Blue though is that it can be sourced fairly cheaply. Expanding PS4 storage is what an enthusiast feels imperative due to the lack of sufficient storage space in PS4 to hold the number of games the enthusiast wishes to install. Plus, we’ve had a lot of WD drives in kit over the years and always found them reliable. They can be slow, too: disks have to start spinning if they’re not already doing so, then they have to get the head to the correct position on the disk to read or write the data. If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, there’s even better news.

PS4 stock hard drive comes with a limited storage space

The limitation of stock storage

Your save file is stored separately, so it won’t be deleted at the same time. The easiest way to do this is through a USB universal drive adapter—it costs about $30 and is a good device to have around for all sorts of hard-drive diagnostics. PS4 Pro hard drive upgrade is a choice of so many users because they think that a professional game console should offer a large storage capacity that suits its mightiness. In the above two parts, we show you different reasons in two situations, and now we will introduce you the different solutions about these two cases. To do that, from the home screen go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System StorageFrom here, you can insert a USB stick into one of the front two ports and select to copy your saved game data to a USB device. Helium-filled hard drives have lately been pushing the capacity boundaries of hard drives, which are typically filled with air.

What’s the Need for Expanding PS4 Storage?

And as you can see from the table above, PS4 Pro certainly wins out on the stock side of the equation, no doubt. You will need to do this game-by-game because for some unknown reason Sony seems to think a selection option isn’t needed. Even as a PS4 Slim user, you need to upgrade its stock hard drive to a lager one. PS4 slim hard drive guide might help you find the best options for upgrading your game console to the capacity you wish. With fewer disturbances inside the drive, more platters can fit and less power is required. You’ll then need to remove the four black screws at the corners of the hard drive tray, leaving the rubber bungs behind. Speaking of which, installing the new drive is as simple as just reversing the process of removing the old one.

More storage means more games

If you ask me, I would simply suggest to upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 to 2tb. The specifications sheet shown by Sony reveals some rather interesting specs but how do they compare against a similar cost PC, let’s perform an analysis. Sony will automatically back your saves up in the cloud, so you can delete and re-download them at will. PS4 system restore: USB flash drive, PS4, UPDATE foldersThe next step is to reinstall the PlayStation System Software. Every single generation we are bombarded with ‘informed’ analysts adamant this gen will be the final in the kind of traditional consoles, a transition in direction of an upgraded system a la Pc proclaimed as nigh on certainty. If you receive a message saying the device cannot be used due to the unsupported file system, it is necessary to change the file system to FAT32 or exFAT or format USB drive.

replacing the internal hard drive of PS4

Available sizes

That being said, they are more expensive than your standard drive, hence the price on this one. In fact, his $520 price range for the 660ti unit is way over the limit. However, when you look at the 4TB drive data, really there’s not a lot in it. Running a Checkdisk will find any errors that might prevent the successful cloning of the drive. But several recent trends in the data could spell good news for Microsoft.

Varied Storage Devices

The standard HGST drive will slide right out once they’re removed. Some have also suggested SSD equivalents, which ramp up load speeds dramatically, but can be prohibitively expensive if you’re trying to increase storage rather than shrink it. With PS4 Slim you can use an external hard drive as an extended storage without the need to replace the internal hard drive with a new one. The PS4 will have 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and a built in hard-disk drive, though Sony did not reveal the capacity, only claiming it will be “massive.” It will have a 6x Blu-ray optical drive that doubles as an 8x DVD drive, as well as a USB 3.0 port and an AUX input/output. It’s worth double-checking the backups are working before you clear anything though – go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Upload to Online Storage and confirm everything’s been uploaded before you start clearing it out. Annoyingly, any large DLC/patch updates are included in the large data file, so you’d have to redownload them again too.

What about PS4 PRO? With that model you can also use an external hard drive as an extended storage in which you can install the excrescent games without the need of going through the internal hard drive upgrade process. The AMD Jaguar, amongst other X86 CPU’s (such as those in your PC) are going to be using this. So, how to do this work? PS Plus members can also select to upload their data to online storage (aka the cloud).Take a USB with at least 1GB of free space and insert it into your PC or Mac — we’re going to download the Firmware required to boot and setup your PS4 with the new hard drive inside. PS4 will be available this holiday season. PS4 Pro wins out by a second, cutting 55 down to 54.

Storage Expansion Methods for PS4

You will need to do the same for any videos/pictures you might have saved also. In the same vein, a strange feature was mentioned that pointed to a predictive element in which the system would try to gauge what the player might what next so that, on the chance that the content is selected, the game would be ready to play because the system would have already downloaded the content beforehand. You can upgrade PS4 storage device to an SSD that offers an unparalleled performance bu.t for a way too high price. Maybe a 2tb SSD for PS4 sounds good, but it’s not in fact Put the new drive into the tray, making sure that the flat side is at the handle end of the tray and the exposed components are flat side down at the open end of the tray. Screw the new drive into the PS4 drive bay, slide the bay back into the socket until the holes for the single large screw line up, and then screw it back into place as well. If you have been wondering what sort of Playstation 4 Pro performance increase you will get from the new PS4 Pro console, which was unveiled earlier this week, with support for 4K Ultra HD graphics.

PS4 needs more storage for the AAA grade games

Using an external hard drive

If you don’t want to delete any of your files or games, or have cleared some but still just don’t have enough space, then the next step is to expand your storage. For this step, you will need a USB drive with 1GB of free space, and the PS4UPDATE.PUP file from the official Sony website. A 4tb external hard drive is a great addition to PS4 that is shared among many family members. In a bid to meet demand for increased storage needs in the coming years, the industry will need to expand production of NAND flash memory as well as to increase capacities of hard disk drives. Here we will show you the methods in details. If you want the best option, however, this is the way to go for reliability and performance.


Expanding the storage space of PS4 is not a difficult work at all, rather it’s way too easy. Sony has announced a slew of games both new and old that will take advantage of the new power; including Rise of the Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, and upcoming the upcoming Call of Duty game. The gains are minor overall then. You can use an external hard drive as an extended storage space instead of upgrading the internal hard drive and going through the upgrade process. If errors are found on the existing drive, you will not be able to use the software provided by the new drive’s manufacturer. How do they work? Sometimes it’s useful to take a picture of the previous tray so you remember which way in the new one is supposed to go.