PS4 PRO Hard Drive (HDD) Actual Size

PS4 PRO Hard Drive (HDD) Actual Size

We all know that PS4 PRO game console comes with a 1tb storage capacity that’s dedicated to installing new games which each of them may require more than 50gb of space. But what’s the actual size of the stock hard drive of PS4 PRO? Is it exactly 1tb or less?

The hard drive size limitation

The Seagate drives posted 26.7MB/s and 499 IOPS, with an average latency of 16.0ms. Set up an automatic backup for your computer, so you don’t lose data even if your drive fails. These particles represent data as vast series of positive and negative charges. When trying to determine the size of PS4 PRO hard drive, you have to consider the space engaged for operating system which need at least 1 gigabyte of storage space. When I got up in the morning, the PS4 Pro was happily sat there on the main menu with all my games and folders exactly where I’d left them on my original PS4. The Seagate Mobile HDD was designed to appeal to budget-minded consumers who aren’t ready for the transition to solid-state for their capacity data.

determining the actual size of PS4 PRO HDD needs some calculations

We recommend getting the largest capacity you can afford right now because you’ll amass more data over time, and larger drives generally have a better price-per-terabyte value. To “write” data, the drive heads change the particles’ magnetic orientation via current passing through a coil, in essence “flipping” them as needed. Expanding the size of PS4 PRO hard drive definitely requires you to upgrade the PS4 PRO stock hard drive to a larger and better one. The second option is to use an external drive and the Back Up and Restore utility, which is necessary if you are trading you PS4 in ahead of getting a replacement – don’t forget to turn off Primary PS4 activation! – or if you want to re-use that particular HDD. Even with the growing prevalence of SSDs, there aren’t many 2TB 2.5″ HDDs on the market; in part, this helped Seagate distinguish the Mobile HDD from other products. Mechanical hard drives aren’t likely to get much faster, so until high-capacity SSDs become even cheaper, the hard drive you get today will be your best bet for the next three or four years.

Changing the size of PS4 PRO hard drive

In recent drives, a separate giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head performs the read functions, detecting particles’ magnetic resistance at the quantum level. You’ll probably find a 2tb hard drive capacity is a better size for PS4 PRO storage device. You can check our list on the best 2tb hdd options if you’ve made up your mind on that. Again, you cannot selectively backup games, it’s all or nothing, so you will need an external drive with capacity for more data than you have installed on the PS4. From a pricing standpoint, specifically in terms of $/GB (cost per gigabyte), the Seagate Mobile HDD trumps the SSDs and 2.5″ HDDs that are currently available. Backup software is a nice perk, but you can find lots of free alternatives and other great options for online backup services. This signal is amplified and fed to the drive electronics, which perform error correction and convert data into a PC-usable format.

Conversely, the Seagate Mobile HDD is fairly limited from a performance standpoint. If you don’t need the extra features provided by the software, it’s not worth the time and effort to set it up on every computer you use. Formatted platters are divided into tracks (concentric circles) and sectors (track segments). When initially formatting the drive, the OS will also, under Windows, define groupings of sectors called clusters. Although it outperformed the Samsung Spinpoint M9T in most of our performance benchmarks, neither drive would be considered competitive in the context of the overall drive market. Dragging and dropping files works just fine.

PS4 PRO stock HDD is supposed to have 1tb of available storage space, but it's not the real fact

Determining the actual size of the stock HDD

The cluster size, consistent drive-wide, denotes the minimum space that a file, when written, must occupy. (As you might guess, the smaller the cluster size, the less overall wastage, since a file does not necessarily fill a perfectly even set of clusters.) With the fact that PS4 PRO hard drive has a size of 1tb for data storage purpose, it should be known also that you’re not able to fully leverage it. Another platter region, the landing area, often situated near the hub, serves as a parking space for the heads when they are inactive. That said, we didn’t expect this drive to impress anyone with its performance, and its great value keeps it relevant to a wide range of consumers with ever-growing media archives. How we picked and tested. We scoured the websites of major portable-drive manufacturers such as Adata, G-Technology, ioSafe, LaCie, Samsung, Seagate, Silicon Power, Toshiba, Transcend, and Western Digital for any new models that have been released since our last major update in May 2016. The actuator arms look like record-player tone arms, but they take orders from your system through the drive’s firmware and interface. We came up with a list of 25 promising new contenders.

Last Words

When the drive receives a write or read order, the arms swing over the appropriate track, pausing until the data (or an appropriate chunk of unoccupied space) rotates under the head. PS4 PRO hard drive comes with 1tb of storage capacity, which is theoretically its initial size, but that’s not exactly the full truth behind that number. We winnowed the list down to eight portable drives that fit our price, speed, and capacity requirements and had good reviews from trusted sources like AnandTech, CNET’s Dong Ngo, or positive Amazon reviews. For a write command, the drive might write the file in one chunk, or, if enough contiguous clusters aren’t handy, in scattered parts. Then we tested the drives ourselves, examining seven general-use portable hard drives and one ruggedized hard drive. A directory table on the disk catalogs files and fragments for later retrieval.