PS4 Memory Upgrade Guide – Everything You Need to Know

PS4 Memory Upgrade Guide – Everything You Need to Know

There’s barely any talk on PS4 memory in gaming communities due to the fact that most gamers use the term “memory” to describe the fixed, unchangeable 8gb DDR3 memory chips located in PS4 motherboard that are not made available for upgrade/removal.

On the other hand, a variety of users refer to the storage capacity of PS4 as “memory”, and look forward to knowing how to expand it in order to install more games/apps and store additional movies. For these users, we have made this article.

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PS4 has 8gb of DDR3 memory capacity

What’s PS4 Memory

In general, RAM is one of the most important tools in a PlayStation-4. Without RAM (Random Access Memory) there is no PlayStation-4. On that basis, DDR3 memory is a technology of RAM which is useful for storage of PlayStation-4’s data in a high speed manner. Basically, it is also used for improving PlayStation-4’s performance and working speed effectively. DDR3 (Double Data Rate three) memory is an update and enhancement of DDR2 memory. DDR3 is a lot better than the previous version RAM since it overcomes all the issues and improves extraordinarily. As a matter of course, your PS4 framework will utilize the most secure speed settings that it can naturally identify from inside the memory segments.

PS4 uses 8gb DDR3 memory chips

The major benefit of DDR3 is that it can able to run input/output bus at very high speed rate than the memory cells present in it. The fast rate will be higher up to four times than that of the original speed since it will work faster and provide better performance than the previous RAM technologies. This speed will be restricted by your slowest segment. Around 512 megabits to 8 gigabits of the chip capacities will be allowed by the standard DDR3 memory. It can also able to enable 16 gigabytes module size of the maximum memory. It is also noted that both DDR3 and DDR2 are having 240 pins, but the features and options of those pins will vary based on the location of the key notch. Just visit DDR3 memory quick guide and you can grab more details.

Features of PS4 DDR3 memory

  • The major impact of DDR3 is that it can able to provide highly effective performance even at the low power with higher bandwidth features.
  • While comparing with previous version memory products like DDR2, this DDR3 is very must faster in speed as well as in its performance.
  • In the DDR3 memory, asynchronous RESET pin has been introduced.
  • The data transfer rate of DDR3 is available up to 1600 Mbps, which is a faster one than the previously used DDR versions.
  • If you don’t mind take note of that a few Windows based devices will descript your speed of memory to be less of the speed in a DDR RAM memory setup.
  • It also supports the compensation of system level flight time.
  • CWL has been introduced per speed bin.
  • DRAM ballout will be mirror friendly of On-DIMM.
  • There is one special feature found in DDR3 is that it always reduces the supply voltage. The main reason for this, by decreasing voltage supply the heat generation, will be reduced and automatically system performs much faster and also bandwidths will also get increased.
  • The DDR3 memory is the 3rd era memory in DDR versions. This DDR3 memory is another memory type and it is the most recent and exceptional memory of the considerable number of recollections. DDR3 RAM works considerably quicker than DDR2 will generally expend less vitality than previous memory versions like DDR2. Since this technology of DDR3 is very new, it is not able to locate this sort of memory in the most up to date PS4s. One of the detriments of DDR3 memory is its cost is very high.

Advantages of DDR3 over DDR2

  • Battery life of the system will be longer.
  • Bandwidth will be increased up to 1600 Mbps.
  • Thermal design and low power features have been enhanced.
  • At low power, the performance of the system is increased in an effective manner.

It is a known fact that RAM or Random Access Memory is otherwise called volatile memory. Double Data Rate 3 or DDR3 is another kind of RAM which will offer a few similitudes with DDR2. Fundamentally, RAM straightforwardly influences your PS4’s execution and speed, especially the time when you are implementing memory-escalated applications like realistic altering or playing PlayStation-4 games. In any case, DDR3 is just adjusted to systems that are fresher. Follow the DDR3 memory quick guide solve all your doubts.

Why to upgrade PS4 memory

upgrade PS4 memory to larger capacity

Upgrading PS4 memory to a larger size will give you more space to store your favorite games, apps and movies. Looking to make an easy upgrade to your gaming PC? Standard memory is great for standard machines, but Tom’s Hardware readers are always looking for a little more. Whether you’re building your first gaming rig or just upgrading, getting an extra edge on the competition can come down what RAM you pick. RAM stands for “random access memory”, a common type of memory found in personal computers and laptops. A new set of RAM to boost your memory capacity is an affordable upgrade that can give you quite a bit of mileage depending on your current specs. With the 8GB of memory in PS4 motherboard, the PS4 system will run quite fast in order to give you a very good gaming experience with the console. used to be more than enough for most PC games, but modern games like Battlefield 1 now recommend 16GB or higher.

PS4 Memory Upgrade Pros & cons

Whether its more bandwidth for onboard graphics or more capacity for video editing, we’ve covered the entire price scale of performance parts. Do you know how to choose the best RAM for Gaming? It gets its name because it’s a type of memory that’s randomly accessed to store information about what programs, systems, and data are currently being used on a computer at a given time. After going through a swath of DDR4 kits, our best pick remains G.Skill’s TridentZ RGB DDR4 kit. Currently the most-common desktop memory standard, DDR4 offers the best of both bandwidth and capacity.


You will get appealing advantages if your PS4 memory gets upgraded to higher volume. Lag is dreaded when it comes to gaming, as you need top performance to snag that mid-lane kill in Dota or take cover when you hear the alarming “It’s High Noon” in Overwatch.

  • PS4 RAM memory is different than your PlayStation’s hard disk drive (HDD), which is the long-term storage place on your computer (whereas RAM is short-term).
  • The 8gb DDR3 memory of PS4 is how your computer runs applications on the fly while you’re accessing different programs or devices.
  • Get better performance with additional memory on PS4. They perform well, use high-quality chips, and are individually tested.
  • What’s the best DDR4 memory? High Ground PS4 Gaming knows that gaming is a huge part of our lives and that gaming is a hobby (or lifestyle) that requires some technical savvy.

Add any of these sticks to your gaming rig and they’ll gather some crowds. Read on as we explain the basics of memory, or jump to the relevant sections below. Getting the best RAM for gaming can help reduce lag, closing and opening times of games, and can generally help your PS4 run better under the load of your gaming system. RAM is essentially a way to increase the performance on your device, and it becomes more useful when you start doing more things on your computer at once, like playing video games and streaming videos.


It stores all the information needed for the applications that are open and running. Best of all, we think it’s the best looking RGB kit around. We’ve tested 15 kits from five manufacturers at three different price points in a bid to find out which is best. PS4 memory can be expanded to high volume if the manufacturer allows it. That’s why we create guides and reviews to make your life easier so that you can do less research and more gaming. When you’re computer gets turned off, the data in the RAM is lost and added again when the computer is turned back on.

  • PS4 gamers know how important RAM is when it comes to upgrading or building a new system.
  • The current generation of PC memory, DDR4, was introduced way back in 2013. For the hardcore gamers and eSports enthusiasts, or the casual gamers, of the world, checking out our Best RAM for Gaming Top Ten List should be a priority.
  • If you have multiple applications or programs open, then it will fill up the RAM space as you go about your business on your PlayStation 4.
  • But with one of the most complicated technical spec sheets of all PS4 components, shopping for it can prove to be daunting.
  • It’s going to be around for a while, too; the official DDR5 specification won’t be published until 2018, and we don’t expect modules to be available until 2020 at the earliest.

RAM is the shortened name for “Random Access Memory.” It allows you to allows you to multitask on your computer when it comes to video games, entertainment, and your equipment’s capacity. If you start to reach the RAM maximum capacity, then the computer will slow down and eventually it will tell you to close some programs in order to open any others. Beyond simple capacity, users have to worry about cooling, RAM channels, CAS latency and clock speeds too. DDR4 offered improvements on its predecessor in several ways. This means that it is the thing PS4 gamers use to run multiple programs at a time.

How to Add more Memory on PS4

If you have finally decided to get more memory for your PS4, you need to learn how to add that amount of memory inside your game console. Don’t worry! One of the oldest memory manufacturers on the market, Kingston has developed a very strong name for itself over the years. For starters, speeds are better: DDR3 memory ran between 800MHz and 2133MHz, but DDR4 runs at 2133MHz and above. The RAM acts as a middle ground between the ultra fast CPU cache and the large, lummox, slow moving storage of your hard drive (or a bit faster lummox if you’ve got that SSD). Adding more RAM memory to PS4 is assumed to increase its performance to higher level, but you must bear in mind that RAM in general is not used as permanent storage, it is used to temporarily store working parts of the OS and data that is actively in use.

So, in order to add more memory on PS4, you need to do at least one of the following steps:

  1. Get a Philips-head screwdriver in order to open PS4 box and locate the memory chips on your PS4’s motherboard. It’s actually very hard in the modern day to fill up your RAM (you’ll see more on capacity later in the guide).
  2. Once you locate the DDR3 memory chips of PS4, try to pull them out (if you can, although it is not possible). The company’s gamer-focused “HyperX” brand may be newer, but just about every product of theirs we’ve tested lives up to the company’s standards of quality.
  3. Replace the new DDR3 memory chips to your PS4’s motherboard and expand the memory capacity of your PS4. Capacities have improved, too, with the maximum amount per module now 512GB rather than 128GB.
  4. Get more memory for PS4 and enjoy the optimized speed it offers to the overall system performance. You don’t have to blow your entire equipment budget on RAM, since the most important information to pay attention is how much RAM you can get– not the speed.
  5. Install more games and applications on the new memory if it is possible. You are just dreaming to do that anyway. Programs all use different sizes or amounts of memory. The new DDR4 memory kits backed by a lifetime warranty are no exception.

That’s a theoretical limit for most users, because they just won’t need that much RAM, but it’s nice to see the march of progress. Now after you have added more memory to PS4, you’re supposed to notice remarkable performance boost, and errors that used to show up in the past will disappear. For most gamers, aiming for 8GB of RAM is a great place to start. Simple programs like your web browser don’t take up much at all, whereas a game or video editing program will need much more memory space. The HyperX Fury Black 16GB may not be the cheapest DDR4 memory bundle you can find, but in our opinion it holds great value when you’re on a budget. DDR4 memory sticks consume less power than their DDR3 equivalents, but their latency is also a little higher.

Type of Memory used for PS4

There are different types of memory you can use to upgrade PS4 memory in order to have more capacity to store games, apps and movies. So what does RAM do for Gaming? Therefore, if you do not have much memory and try to run a modern game, you will definitely notice the difference. Getting more memory on PS4 is appealing to a wide variety of users, and that help them tweak PS4 performance to suit their needs. This particular kit comes in the lowest available DDR4 speed of 2133MHz, but as extensive testing has proven time and time again, higher speed RAM yields very little improvements when it comes to PC gaming. In theory, this means response times will be slower, but DDR4’s increased speeds eliminate that bottleneck. As for the DDR3 memory PS4 is using, it’s unchangeable as has been stated earlier, and having different DDR3 memory in the market won’t make them, by any means, suitable for PS4 memory upgrade. As we mentioned before, the amount of RAM that your computer has is directly related to what you can run at the same time.

DDR3 memory types

Why does memory matter for PS4 gamers?

It may be extremely slow and jumpy, or the game may not let you play at all when it detects what memory you have in your system. PS4 memory is an essential part of the whole PS4 structure that, without it, PS4 can’t even run. For those looking to take full advantage of what the HyperX Fury has to offer, some simple overclocking pushes its performance to match that of much more expensive options for DDR4 RAM. Upgrading PS4 memory to a larger volume will allow users to enjoy more space for their favorite games and applications. The past year or so has seen a host of cosmetic changes arrive in the DDR4 market too. Having systems like Steam, your internet browser, music, and the game of your choice running at the same time might cause you some problems without sufficient RAM available. That’s no fun.

removing PS4 memory isn't possible

One of the awesome things about DDR4 is that it generally operates at 1.2V (down from 1.5V for DDR3). This means even the slightest voltage increases can give you quite a bit more power while still remaining cooler than DDR3. So why to upgrade PS4 memory in the first place then if the situation is difficult? The big trend is RGB LEDs, which allow the sticks to display any color in a host of patterns. DDR is shorthand for double data rate (the meaning is that two transfers happen per clock cycle). DDR3 RAM will not be compatible with a motherboard that only supports DDR2. There are two main forms of RAM: DRAM and SRAM. We did some overclocking via small tweaks made in the BIOS, letting us bump the 2133MHz HyperX Fury kit to 2666MHz, 2800MHz and 3000MHz speeds with ease.

PS4 Memory Size

Those colors can be customized in software, from within Windows. Fortunately, each type has a different notch cut in the pins, meaning you can’t physically shove that puppy into the slot which prevents you from damaging it. PS4 employs 8gb of DDR3 RAM memory that cannot be changed by users. The way they differ revolves around the way they hold data and support access times. With all of our overclocking tests, we found the HyperX Fury is quite resilient as it was perfectly stable at every level. Many high-end memory kits now have RGB LEDs built into their designs to help users put together choreographed, consistent machines.

PS4 Memory Specs

DDR4 is the latest and greatest type of RAM and it provides the lowest operating voltage and highest transfer rate on the market right now. It must be clear to you that you shouldn’t expect the world with the DDR3 memory PS4 is using, especially if you get to know also that upgrading PS4 memory is not made possible by the manufacturer itself. The phrase “access time” simply refers to how long it takes a program on your computer to locate a piece of information and make it ready to be available. With a less conservative overclock, 3200MHz speeds can also be easily achieved. Elsewhere, we’re seeing more metal on memory sticks – chunky aluminium DIMMs and brushed metal is now commonplace, even on budget products. Another term you may come across when looking at RAM is column Access Strobe Latency.

Higher data transfer capacity

The primary liven of DDR3 is obviously higher data transfer capacity limit. Dissimilar to DDR2 memory, the DDR3 memory can give better yield at less voltage power. Moreover, the gadget offers exchange rates of around 1500 megabit for every second.

Energy will be saved

With expanded transmission capacities, this new memory innovation diminishes around 1.8 volts which are released by DDR2, along these lines delay battery life. Contingent upon your chose motherboard and memory, the distributed paces and arrangements above might be surpassed, which will bring about executing the AMD processor exterior of AMD distributed details. Accordingly, low power is expended notwithstanding when running or multitasking memory-escalated applications, for example, illustrations altering.

Better execution

DDR3 memory brags expanded execution at less voltage power. At the end of the day, DDR3 expends lower power and voltage than DDR2 memory. For instance, while DDR memory and DDR2 memory models depend on 2.5 volts and 1.8 volts individually, DDR3 memory utilizes 1.5 volts.

Dependable memory

As indicated by IT specialists, DDR3 is speedier than older memory versions. PS4s that keep running on DDR3 normally are speedier rather than those that keep running on DDR2. Some modules of memory have 2 speed reviews, a tried most extreme speed and a standard speed. In programmed determination mode, the standard speed will dependably be utilized. Along these lines, DDR3 memory is suitable for all the more requesting applications, for example, PlayStation-4 games and applications.

Cooler working temperatures

Other than having all the more boasting rights, DDR3 likewise has cooler working temperatures and enhanced motherboard chipsets when contrasted with older memory versions. Be set up to expend a couple of hundreds in case you need a quick PS4.

In spite of having various advantages, DDR3 cannot keep running in play station rather than mainstream thinking. This PlayStation-4 game makes utilize GDDR3 RAM and a great many people regularly mistake it for the last mentioned. Then again, DDR3 RAM memory is marginally costly than the past models and features.

Alternative Memory Upgrades for PS4

If you have eventually come to the conclusion that upgrading PS4 memory is no use for you, then think about expanding the storage space for more games and applications to install. The obvious thing would be to upgrade your existing 500GB or 1TB drive to something with a higher storage capacity, though bear in mind that the PS4 only supports internal drives up to 2TB, and they also have to be in 2.5in laptop form factor, not the larger 3.5in desktop drives. You can get an external memory for your PS4 with using a USB portable hard drive that can be better than thinking about replacing the default memory of PS4.

Toshiba’s software was less useful than Seagate’s or WD’s in our tests, and the Canvio Connect II also came bundled with some useless bloatware. (Like the exterior of the WD My Passport Ultra, the Canvio Connect II’s glossy surface shows scratches and smudges.) WD’s My Passport X is a gaming-focused drive with a short, one-year warranty and no software. Also, the internal memory of PS4 can be upgraded to up to 8tb allowing you to enjoy vast capacity for a long time. Like that, PS4 doesn’t read USB drive issue will be solved. The USB connection is the weakest point in the external drive, and if you break the port, you won’t be able to access your data until you find a new enclosure. Next, boot up your PS4 in Safe Mode.

PS4 Memory Card

using memory cards with PS4
Additionally, you can think about a memory card for your PS4 instead of expanding the internal memory. The Portable drives are the largest in terms of both their physical dimensions and capacity, only available in 4TB and a whopping 5TB. The Seagate BarraCuda is a good choice for a 2TB drive, or you might consider paying a little more for the solid state hybrid FireCuda. Memory cards can be very helpful for PS4, only if they are supported. But alas, PS4 doesn’t support memory card. Instead, PS4 allows you to use a USB stick that takes the place of memory cards very well, and helps you store your game saves and trophies and other media files you downloaded to your PS4. Of all the drives we tested, it had the slowest HD Tune reads and writes—82.5 MB/s and 77.4 MB/s, respectively—and it’s larger and heavier than our picks. Now all the ways about how to format USB to exFAT/FAT32 are listed. The Seagate Backup Plus Slim comes with a two-year warranty—Western Digital, Seagate’s biggest competitor, offers more drives with three-year warranties—and our perusal of Amazon reviews turned up more complaints about Seagate’s customer service than about WD’s.


Getting more memory on PS4 is a trend of a variety of users who look forward to enhance their gaming experience on Ps4 in all possible aspects. You do this by holding the power button on your PS4 down for seven seconds or longer – it’ll beep to let you know it’s booting up in Safe Mode. The 1TB Slim drive we were sent comes in capacities between 500GB and 2TB. It’s a fact that you can’t upgrade PS4 memory, but you can, though, upgrade the internal storage capacity to a higher volume. If you don’t mind paying more, you might also choose to swap the drive for an SSD, which could boost performance by improving loading times across both the operating system and your games – though storage costs go up very quickly. Even PS4 memory card won’t work as a storage solution for PS4, bearing in mind that it doesn’t support it as it was the case with PS3.

At the end of the day, adding extra memory to PS4 must be avoided and what you must really care for is the storage capacity instead. The Toshiba Canvio Basics has a one-year warranty, no software, and a bulkier design than either of our picks. Please choose one to do this job to fix PS4 can’t read USB issue.