PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide – The Best Options

One of the major drawbacks with PS4 consoles, or maybe the only drawback, is the limited storage space it offers to users. The launch version of PS4 came with 500gb of storage, then, after two years, it increased to 1tb in the updated version of PS4. But, to a wide variety of users, this amount of storage space is still not enough to meet the storage requirements of today.

One of the most popular solutions for this situation is to upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 to a larger drive (often 2tb). But how can this be done? and what 2tb hard drive is best for PS4 storage upgrade? In this article you might find answer to some of your questions, so please continue reading.

Upgrading PS4 hard drive with a new drive

When you see the storage space of PS4 system storage is almost full, you’ll think immediately about two things: either to expand this storage via upgrade, or just free up more space on your current hard drive. In PC space, a similarly configured GPU falls in the mainstream performance. 18 CUs give a total of 1152 Stream processors for the PS4 which is higher than the Radeon HD 7850 with 16 CUs (1024 SPs). Going for PS4 storage upgrade is the right step you have to take, especially if you get to know that the stock hard drive is not worth existence in the modern age. This means that the PS4’s GPU is the equivalent of an HD 8770 which would end up with the same specifications and the higher memory frequency of 5.5 GHz gives in 176 GB/s compared to HD 7850’s 153.6 GB/s.

Ps4 hard drive upgrade is made easy by Sony

Why upgrade ps4 hard drive?

PS4 hard drive upgrade process is too easy to the extent that a novice can fulfill it successfully without an issue. And just after all that, when PS4 Pro launches following month, Pc will even now be a ‘superior’ system in phrases of hardware efficiency. So is there anything Microsoft or Sony could do to try to move the needle in these final days pre-launch? When you see that the stock hard drive is running out of space, you’ll understand why you have to upgrade it to a larger one. Indeed launch games make a big difference for a console. They share the same in-order processing theory as the PPE. Before going into the hard drive upgrade process on PS4, let’s know something about the stock internal hard drive of PS4 and why you have to replace it.

Is it worth upgrading ps4 hard drive

Through PS4, users are able to deepen their connections through co-op play or “cross-game chat”. Answering the question about whether it’s worth to upgrade PS4 hard drive or just go for external hard drive depends on your needs from expanding PS4 system storage. PS4 integrates second screens, including PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita), smartphones and tablets, to wrap gamers in their favorite content wherever they are. This will enable users to transfer games, saved data, screenshots, videos, system settings, and more from one PS4 to the other. Numerous demonstrations of HAMR-based HDDs in action prove that the technology actually works. So yes, it’s worth upgrading PS4 hard drive to a larger capacity because you’ll get more space for your games alongside better performance. But which one is considered to be more worthy pre-ordering? This means that before the computer can do anything, it has to wait for the hard disk.

What hard drive size is preferred for PS4

Not necessarily, because command queuing introduces a slight overhead to the drive’s access times. Only a few years ago, 500 GB seemed like almost-limitless storage for a PC. We always prefer the 2tb hard drive size for PS4 storage upgrade, because if you quickly study your situation, you’ll find that hard drive size is pretty enough for a single PS4 player. Just as I’ve finished successfully spreading the gospel of SSDs to all my friends and family, a new SSD technology has arrived that has opened up a whole new world of performance. Solid state drives also enjoy greater stability over their disk counterparts. Many companies offer demos that will scan your drive and give you a pretty good idea of what’s recoverable before you lay down money to buy their software.

Upgrade PS4 hard drive without losing data

One of the main concern that occurs to PS4 users when they want to upgrade their PS4 HDD is that they fear the stored data would be lost. In fact, this is true if you haven’t made a backup copy of your data before upgrading the internal hard drive. According to New Scientist, in one recent study the cost to encode 83 kilobytes was £1000 (about $1,500 US dollars). Still, scientists are encoding information into artificial DNA and adding it to bacteria. Data stored on PS4 hard drive include operating system files, games, game saves, trophies, movies, applications and other media files you downloaded or saved locally on the hard drive. Measuring average latency in our Sysbench MySQL test told a similar story, with the He8 starting off behind only to wind up in the middle behind the Seagate Enterprise once again. This goes off to show that GPU side of the PlayStation 4 would be able to run a few gaming titles, mostly exclusives on 1080P but don’t expect 60 FPS. It’s easy to save PS4 HDD data before you upgrade, and that happens through three methods:

  1. Either you clone the internal hard drive of PS4 to the new HDD using a cloning software. This means you’ll have first to remove PS4 hard drive from its cage, connects it to a PC, then clone PS4 hard drive data to the new hard drive you have picked for upgrade.
  2. Use an external hard drive with Backup & Restore feature offered by PS4 system. But this won’t save everything for you. It can only save games and their saves, media files you stored, and the applications you downloaded. The operating system cannot be backed up, neither trophies.
  3. Use an external hard drive as an extended storage. This is a more limited option than the former, but it still works for backup. You can only save games and applications with this method, other files, including game saves and trophies cannot be saved.

We suggest that you go for the second method, because in all cases you have to update your console with the latest version of PS4 System Software and install it on your new hard drive, and it’s not a big issue anyway—it’s rather way too easy.

for a better performance, pick a good PS4 replacement hard drive

Replacing PS4 Hard Drive

Talking about PS4 hard drive replacement is exactly the same talk as that about upgrading PS4 storage. The AMD GCN chip however would provide PlayStation 4 DirectX 11.1 compatibility which would in return allow rendering of High-Resolution textures, Tessellation, DOF and other graphically intensive lightning schemes. Which suggests the PlayStation VR even now is not going to be everywhere near catching up with the Vive and the Rift in the specs office. You have to pick a good replacement hard drive for PS4 if you care about the quality of your upgrade. One tactic that worked well for Microsoft with the last generation is ‘bundling,’ the packaging of a console with an initial pack of games and other accessories.

If you wish to replace the internal hard drive of PS4, try going through the following steps:

  1. Prepare a philips screwdriver as it’s compatible with the screws the PS4 HDD is fixed with. Sony has revealed tons of exclusives and special titles from first parties on its reveal event, like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, and Driveclub.
  2. Unscrew the hard drive of PS4, dismantle its cable connection with PS4 body. and pull it out. To get the most out of the Playstation 3, developers such as Naughty Dog needed to tap into the power of not only the PPE, but also the SPE.
  3. Take the new hard drive and put it in place of the old hard drive, and connect the SATA cable to it. the A key feature enabled by second screens is “Remote Play” and PS4 fully unlocks its potential by making PS Vita the ultimate companion device.
  4. After replacing PS4 hard drive, you have to re-install the latest PS4 system software in order to get your game console working. Over the years, producers of hard drives, platters and recording heads have revealed various possible timeframes for commercial availability of drives with HAMR technology.
  5. PS4 HDD replacement process is done. We will compare these two consoles to help you make the right decision.

That’s how simple PS4 hard drive can be replaced with a new hard drive, it just needs to be a compatible hard drive in order to fulfill this mission successfully.

PS4 replacement hard drive options

If you have already made up your mind to replace PS4 hard drive, you’ll need then a compatible replacement hard drive for PS4 that meets your needs. In essence, the hard disk is the bottleneck; no matter how fast everything else is, you can only operate as fast as your hard disk. In a typical server environment, queue depths are high and requests are random, so the performance gained from command queuing more than outweighs the overhead. We don’t recommend going for less than 2tb capacity hard drive as a replacement for the stock storage device of PS4, because the main goal of replacing the internal hard drive of PS4 is to expand the storage capacity of PS4 system, and small hard drives don’t meet this expectation.

There are three options for a replacement hard drive of PS4, which are:

  1. Traditional mechanical hard drive. Just the same type as the one found inside PS4. It must be in 2.5-inch form factor, configured with SATA interface and not higher than 9.5mm.
  2. Solid State Drive (SSD). It’s the best hard drive replacement for PS4 in terms of performance, but it’s very costly that most users avoid it.
  3. Solid State Hybrid Hard Drive (SSHD). It’s the best replacement hard drive for PS4 in terms of the overall features. You’ll get a high speed and large capacity for an adequate price (almost $90 for 2tb).

But today it’s standard to have at least a 1-TB hard drive on a desktop PC. NMVe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a relatively new technology that bypasses the standard hard drive connection and utilizes some of the fastest ports available on your PC.

ps4 internal hdd

Alternative methods to HDD replacement

If you don’t wish to replace the internal hard drive of PS4 for any reason, there’s another alternative method with which you can avoid getting a replacement hard drive and keep the stock hard drive intact. This method is about using an external hard drive as an extended storage. Because there are no moving parts there is less that can go wrong mechanically. Once the assessment indicated we’d get good results, we used Prosoft’s Data Rescue II software ($99), which is tailored for the Mac OS and Mac-formatted drives. It’s like a sci-fi novel that’s currently being written and lived. The He8 topped out with an average latency of 113.97ms. After Sony released PS4 System Software 4.5, many users now don’t care about getting a new replacement hard drive for their game console. Just simply get an external hard drive, connect it to PS4, let the PS4 system recognize it, format it using the special format feature, and you’ll be done. PCGamer themselves have done a comparison of PS4 specs with current generation PC Hardware and based on the prices built a similar cost PC that would definitely be able to outperform the PlayStation 4 at launch however we still don’t have any specifics on PlayStation 4’s final price.

PS4 hard drive specifications

If you look at the hard drive PS4 is using, you can easily find its basic specification on the front label of the drive.

The basic specifications are:

PS4 Hard Drive Basic Specs
Brand & Model HGST Travelstar Z5K500 (500gb model)
HGST Travelstar 5K1000 (1tb model)
Capacity (Size) 500gb (old version)
1tb (updated version)
Spindle Speed 5400 RPM (both versions)
Interface SATA II (3.0 Gbps) (both versions)
Memory Cache 8mb (both versions)
Year of Manufacture 2011 (both versions)

Below are two images, one belongs to the launch version of PS4, and the second to the updated version.

PS4 1tb hard drive specs PS4 500gb hard drive specs

These specification of PS4 hard drive prove that this is an old hard drive that needs to upgrade in order to meet the modern standards of a storage device. But this is the factor: it will not issue. It’s a tactic that High says Sony has traditionally kept at arm’s length.


The PS4 hard drive size comes in either 500gb or 1tb, depending on the version you have picked. On top of that, Sony also scored third party titles like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Watchdogs. They are also SIMD (Single Instruction Multi Data) – if that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s very much similar to modern GPU’s. With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly pull PS4 titles from their living room TVs and play them on PS Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display and intuitive dual analog sticks over Wi-Fi networks. You can read more on PS4 hard drive size here if you want.


Ps4 hard drive speed is the same as the modern laptop hard drive speed, which is 5400 RPM. Read more about PlayStation 4, PS4, ps4 pro and Sony. Their predictions were not accurate. Both Sony and Microsoft are yet to reveal their exact release dates, although both have more-or-less confirmed that they’ll arrive in November 2013. This is where the SSD steps in. In a desktop environment, a drive is rarely asked to service more than one request at a time, so when NCQ is enabled most of the time the drive is “reordering” a single request. You can read more on PS4 hard drive speed here.


PS4 hard drive, in both versions, is configured with Serial-ATA 3.0 Gb/s (i.e. SATA II). So, it’s not a giant leap of the imagination to anticipate a future with PCs packing 5 TB – or more – of storage. Instead of a SATA connection (using AHCI), NVMe uses PCI Express slots on your desktop or laptop. Dust entering the device ceases to become a problem (and in any case solid state drives can be sealed air tight unlike disk drives which require a certain air cushion to function properly), and dropping the drive is less likely to cause damage to the data. There are far more options for PC owners, including Prosoft’s Data Rescue PC ($99), as well as Ontrack EasyRecovery DataRecovery ($199) and RecoverMyFiles ($60) from GetData. DNA could be the ultimate eternal drive one day.

Brand & Model

As you can see from the specs table above, the PS4 hard drive brand is HGST and its model is Travelstar. As for the model number, it’s either Z5K500 or 5K1000 depending on the version you own. In terms of our worst-case MySQL latency scenario (99th percentile latency), the He8 again finished in the middle however it performed better than the MG04SCA throughout. Some are pointing at a price point of around $449 while other sources suggest that it would cost over $500. PS4 and Xbox One are exceptionally highly effective consoles, and we haven’t even arrive shut to observing both doing work at their complete restrictions. But it can make the difference with last-minute holiday shoppers who can be swayed by the offer of a special value. For the Xbox One event, Microsoft also shows off games like Forza 5.

Changing PS4 Internal hard drive

Ps4 internal hard drive, as can be deduced from its specs, is too small, too old, and obsolete to the extent that if you care about gaining more performance and additional capacity, you have to change it to a larger and newer one that offers better performance and more solid reliability. SIMD lend themselves well to graphical tasks and physics and the like. It is SCEI’s long-term vision is to make most PS4 titles playable on PS Vita. At present, there are still reliability issues with the technology, according to Seagate. Microsoft announced its release plans earlier than Sony, but it’s actually Sony that has teased the most information.

Ways to change PS4 hard drive

If you don’t like the internal hard drive of PS4, you can simply change it. The way of changing PS4 HDD is too easy, you just need to unscrew it and put the new hard drive in its place. The SSD can cut down that bottleneck by up to a factor of 10, single-handedly cutting out a massive chunk of wait time when using your computer. Even in heavy drive access multi-tasking scenarios, queue depths don’t generally exceed a couple of requests. You can’t go wrong if you change PS4 HDD with a larger and newer drive, just make sure the drive you opt for is compatible with PS4 storage upgrade standards. While solid-state/flash – which stores data on chips – is the most common storage today for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, traditional spinning (magnetic) hard drives like the BarraCuda Pro still deliver the most bang for the storage-capacity buck. Using the PCIe interface dramatically increases the available bandwidth between this SSD and the rest of the hardware components in your PC. There are no heads so head crashes are a thing of the past.

PS4 Hard Drive Compatibility

In order to be able to replace/upgrade the internal hard drive, your new hard drive must conform to the compatibility standards of PS4 storage upgrade.

You must make sure that the drive you’re going to use for PS4 storage upgrade must meet the following specifications:

  • Form Factor: 2.5-inch
  • Interface: SATA
  • Thickness/Height: Maximum 9.5mm

Once you get a hard drive that meet these specializations, then your drive is deemed compatible for PS4 storage upgrade. But, what hard drive brands on the market are PS4 compatible? Below is a list of top 9 PS4 compatible hard drives that you can use for upgrade.

PS4 Compatible Hard Drive List

Based on the compatibility standards laid out above, here are top 9 hard drives that conform to these standards and are deemed compatible for PS4 storage upgrade.

PS4-Compatible Hard Drives
Brand Name Model NO. Capacity SATA Gen. Spin. Speed
Seagate Firecuda SSHD ST2000LX001 2TB SATA III 5400 RPM
Seagate Barracuda HDD ST2000LM015 2TB SATA III 5400 RPM
Seagate Mobile HDD ST2000LM007 2TB SATA III 5400 RPM
Samsung M9T SpinPoint ST2000LM003 2TB SATA III 5400 RPM
Seagate Gaming SSHD ST1000LM014 1TB SATA III 5400 RPM
HGST Travelstar 7K1000 0J22423 1TB SATA III 7200 RPM
WD Scorpio Blue WD10SPCX 1TB SATA III 5400 RPM
WD Mobile HDD WD7500BPKX 750GB SATA III 7200 RPM
Toshiba Laptop HDD MQ01ABD100 1TB SATA III 5400 RPM

Most of these products work in a similar way. Not all innovative storage technologies end up becoming mainstream or widely used beyond just research, of course. All of the drives listed in the table above are well-compatible for PS4 storage upgrade and you can pick any of them without worrying about the compatibility issue at all. Our next database test covers performance in Microsoft’s SQL Server environment that leverages a 333GB (1,500 scale) SQL Server database and measures the transactional performance and latency with a 15,000 VU Load. We are inclined to believe that it would be expensive at launch in November 2013 due to added GDDR5 memory costs. It is time for us to halt obsessing with a futile war that will not require combating and start out taking pleasure in our consoles for what they are.

ps4 hard drive compatibility

The importance of hard drive compatibility

It’s important to pick a hard drive that conforms to the PS4 storage upgrade compatibility standards, otherwise you won’t be able to upgrade your PS4 stock hard drive, unless you work around that using an accessory called Data Bank that allows you to use a 3.5-inch hard drive with PS4, but that will be for extra cost (around $40). Sony could also benefit from fresher advertising, as its main television campaigns for PlayStation have run for weeks. Quantum Break is also set for release although Microsoft’s trailer was incredible cryptic. These type of tasks are exactly what the Playstation 3’s Cell processor was found to done, along with other tasks such as audio as well as of course graphical affects and Anti-Aliasing.

PS4 HDD compatibility Issues

Sometimes when you try to replace/upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4, you’ll face some compatibility issues with the new hard drive. That’s why we always advise that you check the drive’s specifications and verify its compatibility for PS4 HDD replacement before getting it. A new application from SCE called “PlayStation®App” will enable iPhone, iPad, and AndroidTM based smartphones and tablets*3 to become second screens. During E3 2016, the folks at Capcom officially took the wraps off Resident Evil 7. In the recent months both Seagate and Showa Denko indicated that HAMR drives would be delayed again. As well as potentially arriving a little earlier, the Sony PS4 also benefits from being cheaper. A solid-state drive uses a type of memory called “flash memory,” which is similar to RAM. The HDD compatibility issues with PS4 system come from choosing the wrong hard drive for upgrade. The occasional performance improvement when there is a queue depth of greater than four requests does very little to claw back the overhead of NCQ or TCQ. Today when you buy a laptop at an electronics store or online retailer it typically comes with a solid-state drive.

Best Hard Drive for PS4 Storage Upgrade

With the lots of hard drive brands on the market, only few of them fits for upgrading PS4 storage, and only one drive among all is considered the best PS4 hard drive upgrade. This drive is Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD that offers an unparalleled speed with its 128mb cache buffer and the 8gb SSD cache on the 2nd tier. SATA (Gen 3) supports up to 600 MB/s while PCIe 3.0 x4 supports up to 4 GB/s. This speed and stability comes at a price, of course, and in early models prices of even the most modest of solid state capacities greatly surpassed that of the largest hard disks. Install the software, select the defective drive as your source and choose a destination folder to receive the data. (Make sure your recovery drive has enough space for the contents of your failed drive.) The best hard drive you pick for PS4 storage upgrade depends on how you want this hard drive to function and what you exactly need from it. But how to choose the best hard drive for PS4 storage upgrade? Then be prepared to wait, and wait. Scientists and tech companies have been working on holographic data storage for at least a decade. As with the Sysbench test, the results were very similar as far as placement in performance.

Solid Performance

If you’re not happy with our choice for you, you can pick your own hard drive for PS4. But you have first to verify the aspects of its superiority over the PS4 stock internal hard drive, otherwise it will be a waste of money to get that drive. Sony also revealed their new Dual Shock controller and PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 4 at the conference tomorrow night. The hard drive used for PS4 storage upgrade must boast a high performance level in order to make PS4 system run faster and games load in a shorter time. And its embracing of ‘the gamer’ means it could also make up ground in non-gaming retail locations like big box stores. The company also promised 15 Xbox One exclusives will be shown at E3. Each of the SPE’s have their own cache, 256KB . The solid performance aspect is important to determine the best hard dive upgrade for PS4. Careful management of this cache is essential for pulling great performance out of the SPEs. Once installed on these devices, users can, for example, see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game, purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.

High Speed

The fastest PS4 compatible hard drive is usually the best hard drive for PS4, because speed is the top major aspect that determines the superiority of a drive. The game was a long time coming and from what we can tell, it looks like it could be worth the wait as Capcom has certainly gone back to its horror roots because from the gameplay footage and trailer, it does look pretty scary. Choosing a high speed hard drive for PS4 will noticeably enhance the performance of PS4 operating system and contributes to your gaming experience. Seagate plans to ship prototypes of its HAMR-based drives to select customers in late 2016 or early 2017. The PS4 will cost $399 in the U.S., £349 in the U.K., €399 in Europe and $549 in Australia sans the PS4 camera, previously known as the PlayStation 4 Eye. However, unlike RAM, which clears whenever the computer powers down, SSD memory remains even when it loses power. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best ps4 hard drive upgrade, make speed your top priority. Desktop applications typically suffer around a five to ten percent drive performance deficit when command queuing is enabled.


A good hard drive upgrade for PS4 requires that it’s reliable enough to handle PS4 system requirements from the drive, alongside the user’s needs of storage. That’s the kind of storage tech you want in your laptop: solid-state drives are generally faster and more power efficient than magnetic drives. While the new NVMe drives have been in development since 2011, they’ve only recently hit the US consumer market. A full scan and recovery of our 120 GB drive took four days, and a larger drive could take longer. Usually, modern hard drives that belong to renowned brands are safe to use with PS4 in terms of reliability. In 2011, GE demonstrated its holographic discs storage: DVD-sized disks that could store 500GB thanks to cramming the data onto layers of tiny holograms (unlike Blu-Ray discs, which store data just on the surface). These discs also had a relatively long lifespan prediction of 30 or more years. The He8 placed second again in transactions per second with a score of 2873.4 TPS.

changing the stock hard drive of PS4

Larger storage capacity

The storage capacity (size) is an important factor to determine which drive to choose for PS4 storage upgrade. Of course, it’s possible that SDL gets it wrong and the raw volume of PlayStation chatter ends up telling the story. The internal hard drive of PS4 comes with 1tb as a standard storage size, so when you look for a hard drive upgrade, you need to have it with 2tb of space at least. Sharing your gaming media is one of the key points of Sony’s PS4 reveal. No doubt – many thought that Sony would likely go with another version of the Cell processor – but the cell had numerous problems. You can try 2tb hard drive for PS4 and you’ll be fine all the months until the next generation of PlayStation is released. PS4 radically reduces the lag time between players and their content. The good news is that the horror-levels could be taken up a notch because in an announcement on the Resident Evil Twitter page, Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 7 will support the PS4 Pro, which also means that gamers can look forward to 4K graphics as well as HDR graphics, meaning that the zombies in the game will look scarier than ever.


Upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 is what a wide variety of users tend to do when they feel the stock hard drive is too limited for their storage needs. The drives will be intended mostly for test purposes. Xbox One will cost $499 in the U.S., £429 in the U.K. and $599 in Australia, a premium because it comes with the 1080p Kinect camera out of the box. You can just replace the internal hard drive with a newer and larger drive, or just go for an external hard drive instead. If you were to take apart a typical hard disk, you’d see a stack of magnetic plates on an axis with a reading needle–kind of like a vinyl record player. Sony has enabled the feature of extended storage through connecting an external hard drive to PS4, so this is another option to expand the capacity of PS4 system storage. Would you notice this performance drop? And they can be squeezed into the thinnest of laptops like the 12-inch MacBook or Hewlett-Packard Spectre 13. Manufactures have been working quickly to develop this new standard and it can now be found in some of the latest high-end devices.