PS4 Hard Drive Size – How Much Storage is Available?

The base model of PS4 comes in two hard drive sizes: 500gb in the launch model and 1tb in the updated model. To many users, this size of PS4 HDD is too limited and easily get filled, especially with the increasing size of game files and movies.

The most popular way to workaround the limitation of PS4 HDD size is to upgrade it to a larger drive, and the best drive that fits into this purpose is Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD that offers a vast 2tb of storage space alongside an unparalleled speed that will noticeably enhance your gaming experience with PS4 and optimize its overall performance.

If you’re not happy with the 2tb capacity that Firecuda offers, you can try one of the top 5 PS4 upgrade methods with which you can expand PS4 system storage to up to 16tb.

What’s the Size of PS4 Hard Drive

As stated in the introduction that depending on the version of the base PS4 model, the internal hard drive size is determined. If you have the initial/launch version of PS4, the hard drive size is 500gb. Otherwise, the updated version comes with 1tb size. As a professional partition and disk management tool, it is designed to format partition, resize or extend partition, create partition, convert disk between MBR and GPT without losing data, convert file system between NTFS and FAT32, migrate OS and more. Select Update System Softwarefrom the menu that pops up, and then follow the on-screen wizard to restore your PS4 to an operational state. Moreover, Showa Denko K.K. (SDK), the world’s largest independent maker of hard drive platters, has outlined plans to mass produce ninth-generation PMR HDD media with areal density of up to 1.3Tb/in² next year. If you own a PS4 PRO, upgrading its stock hard drive with 2tb storage capacity will make an observable difference in how you deal with new games and movies. When you’ve done that, head here to find the latest version of the PS4 system software. Once you connect it, you can download and install games on it and access them on your home screen as if the drive was inside the console.

PS4 hard drive size is too limited

PS4 HDD Storage Limitation

Sony will release the PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10th at $399.99. The storage limitation of PS4 is considered a major drawback by many fanboys to the extent that they go to upgrade it with another larger hard drive. From now, as long as you have the external drive connected, the PS4 will default to installing new games and downloads onto that drive, though save files, screenshots, and videos will still default to the internal drive. All you have to do is turn off your computer and install the new drive into your computer. Keep reading to find out! As part 2 has mentioned, some USB flash drives are not compatible with PS4.

If you are a PlayStation Plus member you can upload all of your save files to the cloud, ready to download again when you’re done. With 2tb PS4 hard drive you can do a lot without fearing to run out of space anymore. There are a number of current hard drive features that sound great and, on paper, appear to give quite a performance boost. At the time we did it, the file was around 900MB in size, and it took around 10 minutes to download.

Increasing the hard drive size

The good news is that the PS4 hard drive size can be increased via different ways to the limit you want. Well, the current console generation is firmly in its third year now, and if you’re like me you’ve been downloading a steady stream of digital content ever since…and playing a sort of musical chairs with any content that doesn’t fit on the standard 500GB hard drive shipped with the Playstation 4. Rob Crooke, a general manager on Intel’s memory project, predicted that they would improve gaming, supercomputers, and data analysis. You can increase the PS4 HDD size to 2tb, 4tb or even 10tb if you know the right method for this. “We expect to see breakthroughs in personalized medicine, in business analytics to allow companies, cities, and maybe countries to run more efficiently,” he said.

it's easy to expand the size of PS4 hard drive

If you want to move any of your current games over to the external drive, you want to go back to Settings > Storage > System Storage. In PS4 Slim, 2tb hard drive size is recommended if we take into consideration the huge file size of modern games and movies. Make sure the PS4 is turned off before you open it up. Let’s compare modern SSDs with the traditional HDD to see how far we’ve come. In this case, you should use a branded USB drive, for example, Samsung, SanDisk or Sony to connect to your PS4 for file transferring because these USB drives have better compatibility.

Make more free space

You have to free up the stock hard drive of PS4 and delete the old games and movies in order to make more room for the new comers. To do this hold the power button down for seven seconds. The data is stored digitally as tiny magnetized regions, called bits, on the disk. Make sure you only get the software from the above link, because there are several other sites out there with incorrect software. This only goes on one way, so don’t sweat it. SolidThe principle behind solid state drives is that there should be no moving parts: no spinning platters, no moving heads. If this sounds a bad idea, why don’t you get 1tb external hard drive for your PS4? If that doesn’t look enough, then what about 2tb external HDD? Go into Applications and press the Options button, then select ‘Move to Extended Storage’. Then simply select the games you want to move, then tap ‘Move’.The transfer process might take a while though, so don’t start it up right before you’re hoping to play something.

Picking a new hard drive

Going for a new and larger hard drive is another option to expand the system storage of PS4. The restoration process will take at least a few minutes. With either method, it’s possible that your failed hard drive will show up on your healthy computer and reveal its files, in which case your hard drive is probably fine, but your operating system needs to be reinstalled. Besides, it is difficult to plug your drive into the USB interface of PS4 if your device port is too big. The size of the new hard drive you pick for PS4 shouldn’t be less than 2tb. Your saved data will still be on the console, but you can access your games from the external, no problem. At $0.068 per GB for the 8TB HGST helium drive (about $550 on Amazon.

you can upgrade PS4 HDD size with a huge capacity

Upgrading PS4 HDD

The PS4 HDD upgrade process is way too easy, and it doesn’t require you to be a savvy in order to fulfill it. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be done and will enjoy the new size of your PS4 HDD that you don’t fear to be full in the near future. Once it’s downloaded, drag your file into the UPDATE folder on your hard drive. If your system is a desktop computer, consult the manufacturer’s documentation on how to do this. The main area of focus for He8 sales would be enterprise and datacenters where density and capacity are paramount and weighed against TCO. If you don’t want the mess of an external drive cluttering up your console, or just happen to already have a spare internal drive lying around, you might prefer to swap out the drive inside your PS4 instead. The HDD size can be upgraded to high volume depending on how users want to use them. In fact, if you had already set this up to happen automatically you needn’t bother yourself with this part of the process again.

Expanding PS4 System Storage

PS4 System Storage is the storage space offered by the PS4 hard drive to its users. It mainly depends on the size of the hard drive PS4 is employing. If you aren’t aware of an APU, than know that its the combination of CPU/GPU and most of the port controllers on the same die. If so, please use a USB 3.0 cable to connect your storage device to PS4. And sure, uninstalling infrequently used games is a fine way to stretch the capacity of built-in storage, but as the generation goes on, I find it harder and harder to part with my favorite titles—a list that keeps growing beyond what 500GB can reasonably handle. So it must arrive as no genuine shock to see Sony trying to shut a distance with the upgradeable probable of the overclocking crew. The PS4 System storage can be expanded via either an internal hard drive upgrade or by just adding a compatible external hard drive and formatting it properly by PS4 System special format feature, then everything will go as you wish. You’ll next need to plug all your various wires back into your PS4, plug in the USB drive with the install file on it, and attach your DualShock 4 via USB cable.

upgrading PS4 HDD to 2tb

External HDD as an Option

External hard drives offer the easiest and fastest storage expansion solution for PS4. It’s best to unplug the device as well to ensure you don’t accidentally turn it on while swapping out the hard drive (that power button is sensitive). Open the PS4 by sliding off the glossy part of the lid. Now even if you wanted to mix the current build with the high-end i7 4770, you can find one for as cheap as $200. With a PS4-compatible external hard drive it’s possible to extend the PS4 system storage with additional storage space up to 8tb. The obvious thing would be to upgrade your existing 500GB or 1TB drive to something with a higher storage capacity, though bear in mind that the PS4 only supports internal drives up to 2TB, and they also have to be in 2.5in laptop form factor, not the larger 3.5in desktop drives. You’ll then have to press the PS button on your controller, then simply follow the steps on screen to get back to gaming. A common external hard drive capacity that is increasingly gaining more popularity for PS4 is 4tb. A deeper dive into the social numbers by enterprise software company SDL also shows Microsoft may quietly outperform its rival.


It’s true that PS4 hard drive size is too limited and doesn’t fulfill the passion of its users for more storage space. But we must be just here and remember that without that hard drive size limit PS4 price would go higher. Like that, PS4 doesn’t read USB drive issue will be solved. Next, carefully wrap the foil around the drive with the USB header protruding through the hole as it was originally shipped. However, the new Xbox will soon face the fierce competition from the PlayStation 4, the game console Sony has introduced in February but plans to formally reveal at E3 this year. It’s possible to make PS4 HDD size too large to the extent that you’ll not know what to do with the remaining storage space. Next, boot up your PS4 in Safe Mode. If you need help with upgrading or replacing your PS4 hard drive, the video embedded above can walk you through the process.