PS4 Hard Drive Clicking – What to Do?

You have to know that when PS4 hard drive is making a loud clicking noise, then it means its about to die, and you have to find a good hard drive replacement as soon as possible. We suggest you read this article published on for more details. Otherwise, we already have made a guide on PS4 hard drive failure, you can check it here to learn more about your issue.

Why PS4 Hard Drive Makes Clicking Noise

due to hardware error, the pointer on the platter of PS4 hard drive will start to scratch it, causing it to have serious errors that can hardly be fixed. Available capacities of portable drives with laptop-style disks inside now extends up to a whopping 4000GB, more commonly referred to as 4 terabytes (TB). Most portable USB drives are powered by the connected computer, so you can use them on the move without the need to plug into the mains or use batteries. Wireless networking included 5 GHz band support using the IEEE 802.11ac standard, and Bluetooth support was to version 4.0; wired LAN was as the original PS4. You can go for 4tb hard drive upgrade for PS4 Pro and rest your mind. However, the encryption and unlock software is available only on Windows, macOS, and Android, so if you want to use the drive on a computer with another operating system, you won’t be able to encrypt it.

PS4 hard drive clicking noise

Hearing Grinding Noise

This situation is still better than with the T1, its predecessor, which couldn’t work at all, even unencrypted, without your first setting it up on Windows or macOS. If you encrypt the T3 through Samsung’s software, you won’t be able to unlock the drive or access any data on an OS other than Windows, macOS, or Android. The grinding noise caused by PS4 HDD is a sign of its near death. Only developers can determine how this battle is won. Once you connect a single-volume external RAID array to your PC or Mac, it will show up and act as any other external drive.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Xbox Services general manager Dave McCarthy explained that Microsoft “want to to make [upgrading] as smooth as possible. Best of all, it is a very good performer when it comes to data transfer speeds, beating many of its competitor. PS4 hard drive lag happens when there’s a bad sector or another hardware error. It depends on the game. We’ve spent more than 170 hours researching and testing portable hard drives in just the past three years. You’ll be able to play One X games at Full HD, too, with the choice as to whether you want to downscale from Ultra HD resolution for ultra-sharp graphics, or run games at 1080p for better performance.


Imagine yourself playing your favorite game on PS4, then suddenly you realize that PS4 hard drive is disconnected or giving a loud clicking noise. This is a real disaster. Second, the drives themselves spin at a faster rate – sometimes 7,200RPM or more, where portable drives are limited to 5,400RPM. The rated power of the original PS4 Pro was 310W. We’ve picked out a few external SSD units as well, for although more expensive than hard disks, they’re the fastest kind of external USB storage available, making them better suited for specific situations. PS4 hard drive damage can occur anytime, and you must always take your precautions. Wow, the console market has gotten complicated hasn’t it? Even in the smallest portable drives you’ll likely find are 128GB in size, which is enough to space thousands of CD albums in lossless FLAC format, or even more in lower quality MP3 or AAC formats.