PS4 External Hard Drive not Recognized? – The Solution

Sometimes, when you connect an external hard drive to PS4, you may get a message indicating that PS4 system hasn’t recognize the USB storage device. Something similar to the message in this image:

The USB storage device is not connected

Fixing this issue is too easy, and requires you to do the following:

  1. Check if the external hard drive is not defected. Connect it to a computer and you’ll ensure that. If it’s defected or having some bad sectors, try to full-format it and this should fix it.
  2. Check if your external hard drive supports USB 3.0, because PS4 system doesn’t accept older generations of USB.
  3. If it’s working properly, then make sure the external hard drive is formatted with FAT or exFAT file system, because PS4 doesn’t accept other file systems.
  4. Make sure to download the latest version of PS4 System Software, because older versions don’t support external storage devices.

That’s all. Hope you get this issue entirely resolved.

Why PS4 Doesn’t Recognize External Hard Drives

Its popularity can only be attributed to great games to play and popular PS4 bundles to buy. If you’re a fan of its gaming machines then it’s quite possible that you might be enticed to spend your money on at least one of the new consoles. If your external hard drive isn’t configured with USB 3.0 or above, it will be rejected by PS4 system. That’s probably why PS4 doesn’t recognize external hard drives that connects via older generations of USB. The PS4’s built-in hard drive is no speed demon, and you’ll get to witness that first-hand here. NFT also has to be durable and reliable, which is something that many researchers are working on. Plug your USB Flash Drive and a charge cable into the front of the system.

Users who own an HDR-compatible TV will be able to enjoy supported games and other entertainment content with visuals that are more realistic, strikingly vivid and truer to the way the human eye sees the real world. You can pick USB 3.0 external hard drives that are compatible with PS4 and enjoy the advantages it offers. Check out our PS4 USB external hard drive article if you need to acquire more knowledge. It will be 800MB or more to download but is the complete software, not just an update. This is the place where your computer stores information related to active programs and processes running on your machine. While at first glance it may not seem like the most advantageous, this guide will be following Scenario 2, as it essentially covers the steps for all methods, and is the most natural choice for one other reason. PS4 1tb external hard drive is recommended, but also, 2tb external hard drive is very common. Command queuing is a technology that was introduced in 1994 as TCQ (tagged command queuing) with the SCSI2 standard, so it’s by no means a new development.

PS4 not recognizing the USB storage device

Connecting the external hard drive to PS4

Whether you are a Day-one owner or just now picked up a PS4, one thing’s for certain: The PlayStation 4’s library of games has grown into quite an exciting selection, with arguably the best titles still yet to come. York physicist Thomas Ostler said: ‘Instead of using a magnetic field to record information on a magnetic medium, we harnessed much stronger internal forces and recorded information using only heat.’ If you connect the external hard drive to PS4 and it’s still not recognized, you may need to upgrade the internal hard drive to 2tb then to expand the system storage. The technology uses ultra-short heat pulses to change the magnetism of material in the drive, allowing for far faster drives. ‘This revolutionary method allows the recording of Terabytes – thousands of gigabytes – of information per second, hundreds of times faster than present hard drive technology. On PS4 Pro, a 2tb of internal storage space is recommended for a console designed for professionals. The average HDD has a write speed of about 120 MB/second compared to an SSD with an average 450 MB/second. Plug your controller into the charge cable.

There is one hard arm per read/write head and all of them are lined up and mounted to the acuator as a single unit. Upgrading PS4 Slim hard drive to 2tb won’t make you need more storage space in the near future. If the file is much smaller it’s the wrong one and won’t work. Because hard disk drives need to be spinning for the head to read sectors of the platter, sometimes we have to wait for spin up time. While it may be Seagate-branded on the outside (a brand I would usually avoid like the plague, by the way), internally it’s actually a Samsung Spinpoint M9T drive which is not only more reliable than standard Seagate fare, but it’s also pretty much the only 2TB drive out there that fits in the PS4. However, unless it has been overwritten, that data still exists on your drive.

External Hard Drive Compatibility

Make sure the external hard drive you’re using for PS4 is fully compatible. And with more games comes less storage space for the 500GB stock hard drive in the PlayStation 4. In addition, traditional reader and writer elements can be used for SMR. At any rate, once the backup data is fully transferred, it’s finally time to work on bringing your PS4 back to life. In the enterprise market, there is a huge difference between how products claim to perform on paper and how they perform in a live production environment. Hold down the PS4’s power button (the stupid tiny one the front of the system.


You can upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 with 1tb SSD, and if you feel it’s still small, try 2tb SSD then. Some fanboys prefer to use an external SSD for their PS4, but we don’t really like that option for the high price tag it comes with. Also the point of the higher memory could be to play or use the PlayStation 4 if not for gaming than a personal 4K setup box for which it would suit ideal. Move the downloaded file (named PS4UPDATE.PUP) to the UPDATE folder on the drive and you’re ready to install it on the console. In general, it is easy to fix the PS4 system recognition of external hard drives as long as you know what to do. That’s not to perform down what Mark Cerny and the rest of the PS Pro crew at Sony has obtained with the specs within PS Pro – the GPU energy of PS Pro is double that of PS4, just after all, which means it can it’ll be to operate game titles with far significantly less tearing and slowdown. Make sure the external ard drive is connected properly via the USB port to PS4 before trying to find a reason why PS4 system doesn’t recognize it. Oddly enough, it’s also hard to find at retail it in anything but an external form factor. Of course, if you’re looking at a Titan you may as well add an extra $750 on to that for the high-end version.