PS4 8tb External Hard Drive Guide – The Best Options

Since PlayStation 4 was first released in Oct. 2013, many fanboys wished to have the ability to use an external hard drive with their favorite game console, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible until Sony released PS4 System Software 3.5 that allowed the use of an external storage for backup purpose only.

Later on, specifically after one year, PS4 System Software 4.5 was released with the achievement of the dream of the overwhelming majority of fanboys—the wide-range support for external hard drive that enables it to be a storage extension to the PS4 system storage, which means it’s now possible that you install games and launch it from an external hard drive.

This was a thrilling news to enthusiasts who need too large storage space for their PS4. But Sony has limited that storage expansion to 8tb, as its system cannot support a storage partition larger than this. You can read more on that in this great article published on that explains this issue with some elaboration.

As for the article below, you can totally skip it if you already have the basic knowledge on external hard drives and PS4 system.

What is an External Hard Drive

External hard drive is a mechanical hard drive covered with an enclosure and equipped with USB adapter so that it can connects to systems using USB cable. Most current hard disk drives spin at between 5,400 and 10,000 RPM. You need to download the file intended for a full install, not an update. Synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) is volatile and requires a separate power source if it is to operate independently from a computer. PS4 1tb external hard drive is a popular size among users who don’t have lots of storage needs. After you create the drive image, you can shut down your computer and change out the drives. There are also different sizes of external hard drives, and one of the most popular external HDD size that PS4 users go for is 2tb. The comparison is apt, since the very same computer forensic tools that uncover digital misdeeds are the ones that can find your treasured family photos.

PS4 supports up to 8tb external hard drive

Unscrew the four black screws, two either side of the hard drive enclosure – leaving the rubber holders in place. Tracks overlap one another, like shingles on a roof, allowing more data to be written to the same space. External hard drives can hold their storage for unlimited time until they fail. Simple and straightforward, but also requires the most individual hardware. While most hard drives are components assembled inside a shell that is screwed together, the Helium drives have to be fused together to seal the helium in. Because in this article we’ve listed the best hard drives for PS4. One of the confusion that’s build up around the PlayStation 4 is of its 8 GB GDDR5 memory.

Benefits of External HDD on PS4

There are a few benefits from using an external hard drive on PS4, the most important of them is the flexibility of use. First you’ll be asked to set the volume size—leave this as default, which should be the drive’s full capacity (listed as ‘Maximum disk space in MB’). Next you’ll get to assign a drive letter of your choice and format the volume. Sony is adamant the regular PS4, and its near 40 million energetic users, aren’t remaining deemed irrelevant with the introduction of PS4, but with so a lot of builders no question remaining urged to build with the more graphical and processing oomph of PS Pro in mind it is hard to really feel like vanilla PS4 homeowners are heading to find themselves enjoying an ‘inferior’ system.


With an external hard drive you don’t have to go through the internal hard drive upgrade process and it hassles, which offers high flexibility to users, especially non-savvy ones. It should be listed as “perform a new installation of the System Software.”Don’t worry though, as long as your on the official PlayStation website, even if you mess up the download, the system will tell you later on and you’ll have an opportunity to fix it. Then again, there’s no real way around that unless Valve decided to go with AMD’s R9 290X, which would probably be the smarter thing to do considering that AMD has Mantle support and it would open the SteamOS up to support newer games that won’t require DirectX or a Windows runtime environment.


The performance of a good external hard drive seems, according to some tests, better than the PS4 stock hard drive performance. Consult the manufacturer’s documentation on how to change out the hard drive. Should that happen, Microsoft will win by replicating what worked so well in last year’s holiday season: targeting non-gamer shoppers.”PlayStation is strongly winning the gamers, but our hypothesis is that Xbox One is learning from the lessons they learned last year of playing to the dual market,” says Liz High, a consultant at SDL. Then remove the drive that came with the PS4. Sony’s new console drives 1.84 TFLOPS, while compared to the new Xbox’s 1.23 TFLOPS. In this case three hard drives are still involved, albeit a bit differently.

currently there's no portable 8tb external HDD


External hard drives are generally portable, except if you opt for a desktop stationary external hard drive, then this section is not for you. The operating system and most of the games tasks would run off of this. And we’ve provided a way to upgrade your PS4 storage space to 4TB with the Nyko Data Bank! The end result for gamers is new games with rich, high-fidelity graphics and deeply immersive experiences that shatter expectations. Format the drive as exFAT (or FAT32, if you previously formatted the new drive as such) and give it a name if you wish. Some of the more recent shifts in the industry mean Blizzard, Bungie, and Epic are also on board.

PS4 Supports up to 8tb External HDD

You’ll know it’s the right one if it’s around 1GB in size, so make sure your USB can fit it. Note that there’s still several months before this title goes gold and we should expect improved performance in the final build – consider this a snapshot of the game as it stands now. Instead of going for 8tb external hard drive for PS4, try upgrading PS4 internal hard drive to 2tb. Then you boot your computer back up on the disk you created, reconnect your external drive or network drive and restore the drive from the image file. NFT is a very important components of any HAMR head. Replace it with the new drive and screw the black screws back in place.

  • The new simple look, with gloss finished PS family mark designed on the center of the top surface, will fit perfectly wherever it is placed.
  • External hard drives with 8tb capacity are not available in the portable form, you have to get a stationary drive for your PS4. Leave the ‘quick format’ box checked and click ‘Next’.
  • This will finish the volume setup wizard, and after formatting your external hard drive will be ready for use.
  • Drives using the technology will be hundreds of times faster than previous drives, say University of York researchers – able to record thousands of gigabytes per second.
  • Make sure the USB drive also fits in your PS4 without any issues, and that it’s formatted to FAT or FAT32 which may sound complicated, but it’s really not. The storage space of 8tb is too vast for an external hard drive.
  • With solid state drives, almost every little interaction with your PC is dramatically faster.
  • If you’re installing a larger drive, always remember to check and make sure that the new free space is going to partition you want to expand.

8tb is the max limit

PS4 has limited the use of external hard drive to 8tb capacity, and any drive beyond that limit is not supposed to work properly if not at all. First you will back up the PS4 to the external hard drive, then copy the contents of the external hard drive to a PC, then disassemble and install the external hard drive in the PS4, put the original PS4 drive into the external hard drive enclosure, copy the backup contents from the PC onto the original PS4 drive, and restore from there onto the new drive. The memory is the middle ground for the computer. 8tb of storage space is too large that can serve the most storage-needy enthusiasts. Going online and looking for the best PS4 hard drives can be time consuming and quite boring. Let’s have a look at some hard-drive technologies and how they have an impact on desktop performance.

Is Internal HDD upgrade better?

Modern hard drives can transfer 80 megabytes of data per second. Slide the drive back into the console until it feels like it has attached properly and screw it in place using the large PlayStation screw. If you own PS4 Pro 2tb, then I can say that generally you don’t need the addition of an external hard drive unless it is for a backup purpose. Solid state drives may be preferred over traditional disk drives for a number of reasons. A lot of PC storage is required, and depending on the free space on the PC some deleting may be necessary on the PS4 before the backup operation. There are two ways that drives crash: Logical failure and mechanical failure.

Internal hard drive for PS4

It is possible also to get a 1tb SSD for PS4 and enjoy the high speed it offers. So to help you out and make your life easier, we decided to put together a list of PS4 compatible hard drives. As new data is written, the drive tracks are trimmed, or shingled. If everything’s gone well up to this point, you can breathe a sigh of relief—the worst is officially over.


The 8tb external hard drive is expected to become so popular in the coming years, and we don’t expect it to gain this popularity in the PS4 segment because it is too large for a regular, even professional, PS4 user to handle. The He8 is much quieter than its air-filled brethren, it is as quiet as the He6. You just need to right-click it and select format on your computer, then choose one of those two types. (This will erase the content on there, keep that in mind) Next, create a folder called “PS4” in all caps and make another folder inside of it called “UPDATE” also all in capital letters.