PS4 1tb SSD Guide – The Best Options

There’s no doubt among savvies that a solid-state drive (aka SSD) is the best storage solution for all systems in terms of performance and reliability, whether it is a PS4, computer or Mac. But what holds off most users from getting one is the unreasonable high price an SSD costs compared to the mechanical hard drive. Just imagine that a mainstream 1tb SSD costs around $300, whereas a high-end hard drive with 8tb capacity costs less than that.

But, even if your budget allows it, do you really need a 1tb SSD for your PS4 or not? Think logically and practically before making up your mind. In fact, speaking as an expert, I believe that an SSD is not made for PS4, because its specifications are put to high standards that PS4 system cannot benefit from them the right way due to several reasons, mainly because the PS4 CPU is not as powerful to instantly handle the huge influx of data the SSD provides, as well as the PS4 system itself is coded in a way that doesn’t make use of the mighty aspects of SSDs, especially the multitasking feature, due to the nature of use of game consoles in general.

Fortunately, Seagate offers a very innovative solution in this space with it’s new gaming SSHD. In a nutshell, it’s a classical hard drive with 2tb of storage capacity, seconded with 8gb of SSD memory that works as a 2nd-tier caching. And the result? Almost an SSD-like performance with low price and high capacity.

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What is an SSD?

An SSD is a storage device that’s based on NAND-flash memory technology offering a speed much higher than mechanical hard drives that can reach up to 5x. Speed aside, there’s no trumping the trusty external hard disk drive, with its spinning disks and mechanical components, when it comes to capacity. If you’re looking for a large hard drive, the 1-terabyte Samsung Spinpoint M8 ($80 from Newegg) is a pretty safe bet. Analysts from International Data Corp. and Western Digital Corp. estimate that data storage capacity shipped by the industry in 2020 will total approximately 2900 exabytes (1EB = 1 million TB), up from around 1000EB in 2015. Read on, please. Instead of 1tb SSD, why not get a 2tb hard drive for your PS4 with a very good speed level? They install, load, and start games faster than the standard.

It will also have full HDR support, which is also being extended to the original model via a system update. But it’s a logical choice for Sony, in helping developers get consistent load times while creating a game, regardless of the state of the drive. Enthusiast have been using SSDs to improve the performance of PS4 and load their games faster. Also, if you’re installing an SSD into a laptop, check the physical dimensions first.

upgrading PS4 hard drive to 1tb SSD doesn't seem a good idea

How Does SSD benefit PS4 System

Unlike the Xbox One which can be upgraded very simply through the addition of an external USB 3.0 hard drive, the PS4 requires you to take at least part of the console apart. With the high speed an SSD offers, the operating system of PS4 will boot-up faster and games will take less time to launch. Perhaps many people simply see the hard drive as a utility rather than a performance component in their system, using capacity (as opposed to speed) as a measure of greatness. Head to Settings > System Storage Management, as above, but head into either Capture Gallery or Themes, depending on what you want to clear out. If your model is PS4 PRO, try to upgrade the system storage with 2tb hard drive instead of risking with an SSD. That said, there will be an increase and there’s often not much of a big price gap between the two speeds. An early prototype shown by Intel at its annual developer conference in San Francisco on Tuesday was only about seven times as fast as a top-of-the-range flash disk drive available today.

Is 1tb SSD enough for PS4

Sure, it’s a drive that you might not want to stick in your backpack and toss around, given those internals – but, beyond that, it’s almost identical in transfer and load times (if a pinch slower, and by this we mean it was barely noticeable) to the SSD. The stock hard drive of PS4 comes in 1tb of storage capacity and the SSD you want to get comes in the same capacity. That means only one thing then, that your concern is only for performance. You’ll want to get a 9.5 or 7mm-thick, 2.5-inch drive (many people have found the 12mm ones are a bit of a tight squeeze).

  • What size you want? With an SSD, programs and apps open remarkably fast, the operating system boots and wakes from sleep in seconds, and moving files around takes a fraction of the time.
  • Suppose that you plug a USB flash drive to your PS4, this game console fails to read your USB flash drive.
  • If you’re looking for more storage space, the 5200RPM drives are your only option as newer drives with larger storage tend to start off as 5200RPM, and then advancements may mean you can get 7200RPM drives later on.
  • Just go to the Capture Gallery within the System Storage Management and select Copy to USB Storage Device within the options presented. The 1tb SSD just offers the same limits the PS4 stock hard drive offers.
  • You might purchase a new monitor, or upgrade your video card, or install more RAM – in the end, the general experience is the same.
  • There’s no way to copy the whole lot in one batch, but despite being a slightly laborious process, it doesn’t take long to do once you get cracking.

Formatting 1tb of SSD

A hard disk has one or more platters – or disks – and each platter usually has a head on each of its sides. And it means these test results hold up even when the drive’s filled to the brim. Review Sony’s instructional video, if needed. While technically not a disk, a solid state drive will often be referred to as a solid state disk drive, or a solid state disk, in reference to the fact that, in some ways, it replaces the traditional hard disk drive. If you’ve got any gameplay videos or screenshots you want to keep, you’ll want to move them to your USB drive, too.

The Best 1tb SSD for PS4 Consoles

Talking about the best 1tb SSD for PS4 leads us to speaking about what type of SSD in general suits PS4. Samsung has announced a 2TB Spinpoint M9, but it hasn’t yet hit the market. We’ve been there—hey, everybody has to learn this lesson once. Eventually, Crucial MX300 1tb, with its low price, seems to be a very good SSD option for PS4. If your budget allows for more, try to get Samsung 850 EVO 1tb SSD. Screenshots and videos are categorised by game, and you can either delete individual screenshots or videos, or delete all the files linked to a given game at once. Let’s dive right in. 1tb SSD can be formatted to the filesystem you wish, but on SSD, it should be on FAT filesystem. Today, Backblaze stores 150 petabytes of customer data in its data centers, but in the future, they’ll likely be able to store an almost incomprehensible amount data–zettabytes if not domegemegrottebytes. (Nice names, right?

More performance gains

It’s also an inexpensive way to vastly expand your PS4’s storage. Some SSD’s are higher (thicker) than standard 2.5″ HDD’s and may not fit into a laptop. The He8 is available in either SAS 12Gb/s or SATA 6Gb/s interface. The performance of a 1tb SSD on PS4 is amazon, but when you consider other factors, especially the price, you will hold off from it. Usually, PS4 prompts two error messages about this issue:”The USB storage device cannot be used. Sony makes it very simple for you, but you will still find the process a little long-winded.

The company demoed how the console will handle tasks and graphics and everything looked impressive. Overall then, the 4TB Seagate external drive is a great option. Think about getting an external hard drive for PS4 PRO and attach it as an extended storage that will work just like an extension to the system storage. So, should you go for 1TB (1oooGB) or the beefier 2TB (2000GB)? If you can afford it, I’d recommend going with the 2TB model as it’s less than double the price of most 1TB drives, so you’re getting more GBs per £ so to speak. It all started off back again with the PSOne and it is been snowballing at any time considering the fact that.

SSD is more powerful than HDD, but on PS4 it will lose lots of its powers

The price tag of 1TB SSD

Well, how many games do you plan on downloading? 1TB or 2TB worth. Hm. There’s also a ‘Copy to USB Storage Device’ option in case you want to save a copy of your files elsewhere before deleting them from the console. At the time of writing this article, the biggest drive you can get is 2TB at the 9.5mm thickness. By the raw numbers, PlayStation–which was announced weeks earlier than Xbox and launches first–has gotten the majority of attention on social media.

The 2TB Seagate Expansion Portable we tested, for example, will set you back just £75. The hard drive is secured by a sliding drive bay anchored in place by a single Phillips screw complete with fancy Playstation branding. That comes straight from the mouth of Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, who said “Used games can play on PS4,” in an interview with Eurogamer. The files system is not supported” or “The USB storage device is not connected”. If you want an SSD, the 160GB minimum requirement means that you’ll probably be opting for either a 256GB or 512GB drive.

SSD or HDD for PS4

Before we start talking about the various types of processors, let’s spend a moment to familiarize ourselves with the basics of CPU instructions. Every game we tested gives faster results, and there’s nothing to stop you buying multiple drives as your library expands – it’s so much easier than using PS4’s lumpen back-up/restore system, and for those with large digital libraries, you have virtually instant access to all your games and will never have to delete anything. Our first hard drive comes in at an even $100 and features a solid 6GB/s speed with a 128B cache.

PS4’s Powerful System Architecture, Social Integration and Intelligent Personalization, Combined with PlayStation Network with Cloud Technology, Delivers Breakthrough Gaming Experiences and Completely New Ways to Play. Once you’ve saved all the necessary saves and gameplay clips and screenshots, it’s time to start tackling the HDD business.

components of an SSD

The next thing to do is find out what you have for an existing drive. Players will be able to watch their friends play in real time, share what they viewed, and even take over the controls from another player to lend a hand. “Cross-game chat” will also be supported, an oft-requested feature. The best hard drive for PS4 Slim can be the right storage upgrade for you instead of an SSD, bearing in mind the limited specifications PS4 slim comes with. Themes are unlikely to take up too much space, but they can add up if you have a few. The easy part though is choosing a drive. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare: Remastered will support PS4 Pro 4k HDR and Battlefield 1 and FIFA 16 will be supported later this year.

Look at your budget first

A word, though, about capacity: while the 4.5 software update supports drives up to 8TB in capacity, anything above this simply won’t work. You’ll need to ask yourself how quickly you’re likely to fill a new drive. Demand for storage will be driven by various factors, including Big Data, Internet-of-Things, user-generated content, enterprise storage, personal storage and so on. These two messages show you two different cases which are caused due to some reasons:In situation 1, it is due to the limitation of the file system. If you don’t know where to start looking (or don’t want to spend the time shopping around), here are a few drives that come highly recommended from the DIY community.


Getting 1tb SSD for PS4 console doesn’t seem to be a good idea, especially with the existence of an alternative solution like an SSHD. The PlayStation 4 Slim will release on September 15th. But we wondered whether using USB impacts performance compared to slotting the same drive directly into your PS4. An example is the Samsung Spinpoint here. PS4 is not powerful enough to handle the power an SSD offers, so buying a 1tb SSD with a high price is a real waste of money. But when you switch over to a solid-state drive, suddenly everything is fast. Turn off your PS4 completely – don’t just put it into Rest Mode – and unplug your console from the wall, removing any wires from the back of your PS4, too.