Pros and Cons Of An External Hard Drive You Need To Know

If you end up storing all your data on your PC, then it may end up making your windows slow. Moreover, if you didn’t back up your data, it may get deleted. Therefore, it is very crucial to save your essential data in an external hard drive that you can access anytime when required. It is possible that you might be searching for the best external hard drive that can do the work for you. But wait? Same as the two sides of a paper, one should know each perspective of anything that you are opting for.

In this article, I have mentioned the pros and cons of an external hard drive. And it might be possible that you may discover some new ways of using external storage devices while reading this. I hope that knowing the advantages and disadvantages may help you reach the best external hard drive in the market out there.

using external hdd with laptop

You must know that even when if you have Playstation 4, you need to take this issue seriously.

So why not start discussing first the merits of external hard drives.

Advantages of Using External Hard Drives

costs you low per GB

If you want to store your data, then external disk storage is the cheapest among all the storage devices. These days a drive of storage 1 TB costs you around 35$ that is way too cheaper. Therefore, even if anyone wants the best external hard drive, then one can easily afford it.

easy to use

When, one can’t have access to any centralized backup server, that’s when an external hard drives come handy in. It is because the USBs and the drives of eSATA are very portable and with them, it is much easier to have access to your data anywhere. Also, these are very handy when it comes to transferring the information from one PC to another as per the needs.

Storage space

When it comes to external disk storage devices, the main issue that arises here is space. These storage options like CD’s, DVDs or even the Blue-ray discs provide very less room for storage maximum up to 25GBs. Whereas today one can also have a hand on the best external hard drive which can be expandable up to many terabytes. If I explain you, then you can assume that a drive of 6Tb holds somewhere around 9000 CDs in a tiny drive of 3.5 inches. Now you may have got a rough idea about the space provided by an external drive for storage.


Many devices are available in the market that you can take along with you in the pocket while travelling. Also, these drives are portable in many ways such as speed to transfer the data. One can even transfer multiple terabytes in just a few minutes. Even portable USB devices like PS4 headphones can do the same. Just think if you didn’t have an external drive and you have to move 5TBs of data over the internet. For how many ages you will wait for it to complete.

Wait! Wait! The point hasn’t complete here yet. If we talk about the portability regarding different systems, then let me tell you that one can easily copy data between systems that are not the similar only thing to do here is to plug in the storage of the other method in which you want to copy the data in.

most external hard drives are portable devices

Important Note

I would like to mention an important thing here that one of the best things about the USB drives is that one can keep them at the safe place by isolating it from the PC. Doing this will ensure that you protect the USB from any wear and tear such as virus, damage or power surge risks. But many people keep the drive always plugged in, and it is a blunder. You should never keep it plugged it except if you are using a backup rotation scheme.

These are some of the reason why tapes and disk storage devices are losing to the external hard drives. The central aspect is that one can get the best external hard drive at very affordable and reasonable prices.

Now, considering the fact that everything has its pros and cons. We should also have a glance over the drawbacks of these drives, and I am sure that it will excite many of you to know about the disadvantages of these drives. So, what are we waiting for let’s move on to the demerits?

Disadvantages of external hard drives


Speed is no doubt one of the key benefits of the external hard drives but if you use these for a long time in too many ports than its speed will decrease noticeably.


When the drives are used heavily than it can heat up to 45 degrees Celsius or even can cross 50 degrees. The way in which you install internal hard drives in the devices they permit proper cooling via some fans that are placed in CPU’s of personal computers and the base of the laptops. Even if you purchase the best external hard drive, the same issue will arise there. Therefore, one should use it in a device that has proper ventilation. This will allow the heat to diffuse and also keep the device away from any source of heat.

Get destroyed easily

In winters, these drives experience electrostatic charge which is the main issue. Another thing is that one can easily break it by dropping it accidentally. However, you can easily replace them in very less time and also will not make a hole in your pocket.


Those who work in the offices are generally very careful about their external hard drives, as all their crucial data is stored in these drives. But the fact is these are very tiny and therefore are very easy to steal.

These were some of the disadvantages. But apart from that, an external hard drive is the best option to back up your data. But adding to your knowledge. When you use the external hard drives for back up, sometimes these stop transferring file in between, therefore, you should:

  • use a USB cable of good quality
  • use good quality of USB hub (if required)
  • Last but not least, purchase the best external hard drive.


Now, hopefully, you may get a rough idea about purchasing the best external hard drive that can do the work for you. Keeping in, mind all these facts; grab the best one for yourself if you find the need to purchase.