Is 2tb capacity hard drive good enough for PS4 PRO?

Many PS4 PRO fanboys tend to upgrade the internal stock hard drive of their game console due to the lack of enough storage space for their heavyweight high-end games that a 1tb of storage capacity the stock hard drive comes with doesn’t seem to be enough for their escalating needs for storage space. For this reason, a capacity more than 1tb is getting more popularity among PS4 PRO community, especially the 2tb model.

How will 2tb hard drive enhance gaming experience with PS4 PRO

In this scenario, the BarraCuda started out in the middle with 62.15 IOPS and ran in third through most of the test before narrowly eking out a second place finish with 161.73 IOPS. The total score is the most interesting of course, but PCMark Vantage has some useful subscores as well, for example for gaming and starting up Windows. A lot. Come February 2012, if you want a Green drive, you’ll have to shop with Western Digital. Upgrading PS4 PRO hard drive to 2tb will add more rooms to the AAA-grade high-end games that consume lots of storage space on the HDD. This does not mean there are any differences in terms of electrical connections between SATA III / SATA II / SATA cables, there are not.

Upgrading PS4 PRO with 2tb hard drive

Partitioning 2tb storage space

Sitting here on the Saturday before the big launch on Tuesday, I have been testing these drives for nearly two days now, and one thing I have found between the two samples I have is consistency. Partitioning the hard drive to use for PS4 PRO won’t make any avail to the user because the operating system of PS4 PRO doesn’t accept partitioned parts of the drive. The next profile looks at a file server, with 80% read and 20% write workload spread out over multiple transfer sizes ranging from 512-byte to 64KB. PCMark 7, that gives realistic scores for the Windows 7 era, was not available when we did our last large-scale comparison test of hard drives. The Barracuda Pro is the equal of two of those, plus a 2TB drive. At the other end of the spectrum, the Barracuda XT has been Seagate’s performance flagship.

Do you really need 2tb for PS4 PRO?

Suffice to say, not all SATA cables are created equally, but at least SATA 6Gb/s rated cables should be of sufficient tolerance. Each of these drives produce the same numbers over and over, and that leads to build quality and quality control, which are both quite solid in my book. If you already own a PS4 Slim, we would suggest the 2tb hard drive capacity as storage upgrade, like we did in our PS4 Slim 2tb hard drive guide. The BarraCuda was able to pull away from the other drives a bit more here and give the WD Black 6TB a run for its money. We have tested a few 1TB drives, including the popular Samsung Spinpoint F3, but there is far less comparison material here. Unless you download a lot of stuff and never dump any of it, 10TB is massive overkill. But with PS4 PRO, 4tb hard drive capacity seems to be appealing to a small portion of enthusiasts who have heaps of games to play and install. This brand isn’t going away. To take advantage of the Barracuda XT’s 6Gb/s SATA III interface, your computer will need SATA III complaint ports, either via the motherboard chipset or a hardware controller such as the Marvell 88SE9123. Like the Enterprise Capacity I reviewed a month or two back, these drives are light, amazingly light, and that speaks to the new design of the drive and the introduction of helium inside the enclosure. In the end, the BarraCuda finished second 164.74 IOPS, just under the WD Black 6TB’s 167.05 IOPS. In addition to the PCMark benchmarks, we performed a number of synthetic tests.

1tb HDD is good but PS4 PRO needs more than that

More storage space means more games to play

Not that you wouldn’t take a 10TB drive over a 4TB drive if they were handed out for free. Instead Seagate will introduce a solid state hybrid drive under the Barracuda XT banner at some point in the future. In PS4 PRO, the games are very heavy to the extent that 1tb of storage capacity can be easily filled within a few weeks only. If this part of the chain is absent, the drive is backwards compatible with SATA 3Gb/s and SATA 1.5Gb/s interface levels. The performance of the Barracuda Pro is quite honestly wonderful. Our last profile looks at workstation activity, which is comprised of a 20% write and 80% read mixture using 8K transfers.

First there is the HDTune benchmark that measures the sequential read and write speeds. But you do need to consider that you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. Everything else now falls under the bare Barracuda label. Going with 2tb hard drive for PS4 PRO is what we have been always recommending, more than any other capacities. Alrighty, let’s power up this 2TB SATA III hard drive up and test it! I thought the Enterprise Capacity was amazing when it came down to performance, but the fact that Seagate has taken that same level of performance and packed it into a mainstream solution is remarkable.