How to maintain an SSD with PS4 PRO

How to maintain an SSD with PS4 PRO

If you have already swapped the stock hard drive of PS4 PRO with the blazing-speed flash-based solid state drive (SSD), then you might wonder how to maintain the performance of the new SSD inside PS4 PRO, and how to protect it from degradation that has an passive impact on the overall speed of PS4 PRO game console.

Make the difference with an SSD

There are native resolution titles out there like Mantis Burn Racing and Skyrim Special Edition (which appears feature-complete compared to the base PS4 game and may even offer small enhancements), but the key to getting modern titles running at 4K on the Pro resides in next-gen upscaling techniques like checkerboarding. The best SSD for PS4 PRO can be a matter of discussion, but what I’m convinced of is that the priority should be for the price before the performance metrics of a particular SSD. That’s surely after you’ve already selected a branded drive. By combining TLC with V-NAND technology, Samsung is eliminating any and all concerns that people might have had about the endurance of TLC NAND and to back that up Samsung is rating the 850 EVO’s endurance higher than the MLC drives of most manufacturers. The two Samsung drives don’t differ when it comes to their boxed extras – neither have any. The concept of upgrading PS4 PRO hard drive to 2tb capacity is what I legitimate to almost every fanboy. For shoppers, Black Friday and the month leading up to the new year have been a great time to buy SSDs. Crucial’s MX300 series covers pretty much all aspects when it comes to features, both basic and advanced, and that’s another vital part of a storage drive besides pure capacity.

an SSD is way much better than HDD in PS4 PRO gaming environment

Performance measurements

Where higher resolution games are concerned, it’s unclear what resolution they are actually rendering at and what type of upscaling they might be using. This is the process of turning a 2×2 pixel block into a 4×4 area and relies upon 2x 1080p resolution. Changing the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO and replacing it later with an SSD is indeed the best upgrade you can bestow on your mighty game console. I never considered the endurance of TLC NAND to be an issue for average client workloads, but I saw many people who were doubtful about the sufficiency of 1,000 P/E cycles, so with twice that in TLC V-NAND I believe many will and should stop treating TLC as a second class citizen. That’s a tad disappointing, as SSDs used to come with caddies, blankers and even external enclosures, but it’s becoming more commonplace as costs are cut. We usually see prices fall in late November and stay at that level for the rest of the year.

It is also something customers have come to expect from Crucial through their previous products. Mordor in high resolution mode supersamples on 1080p TVs for a smoother image; do other games do that and just not mention it? So do you have a PS4 Slim instead of the PRO version? Don’t worry much, because PS4 Slim hard drive can be also easily and quickly upgraded to a better drive without a hassle. Rise of the Tomb Raider is one the best 4K titles we’ve seen on Pro – it’s checkerboarding, but only the most intense scrutiny reveals that it’s not a native 4K game. Not only is the endurance higher, but the 850 EVO’s performance is also better compared to its predecessor. We’ve reviewed the 250GB version of the Evo, which costs £110 – a tempting 44p-per-gigabyte.

maintaining the SSD for a consistent performance on PS4 PRO

Last Words

In January, new product announcements come and those products ship at slightly elevated prices over the previous generation, which tend to experience a nice discount as part of the cycle. The basics are covered with Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART), built-in Error Correction Code (ECC), Active Garbage Collection, and TRIM support. If you have a PS4 PRO 6tb hard drive, the issue of running out of space should never come to your mind. I don’t know, and neither will you, which is a real problem. In action it’s simply beautiful. In our 2011 Storage Benches the 850 EVO matches up with the 850 Pro and is hence one of the fastest SATA 6Gbps SSDs for typical client workloads.

That makes it better value than the 256GB 850 Pro, which now sits at £136, or 53p-per-gigabyte. Using an SSD with PS4 PRO will certainly increase the performance tag of this professional game console, and make the gaming experience on it more enjoyable and more fun. If we didn’t have a NAND shortage, the MX300 would look even more attractive than it does now. These are all vital features to have these days and the MX300 has them all.