How many PS4 PRO games can an SSD handle?

How many PS4 PRO games can an SSD handle?

PS4 PRO compatible games are so many, and the storage device that PS4 PRO comes with seems too limited to some enthusiast to the extent that they tend to replace the stock hard drive with another larger one. Additionally, the high speed that an SSD offers makes it too appealing to go for it as a choice, but the high price, on other hand, makes it a drawback.

The average size of PS4 PRO game

By using part of your system memory as a file cache, fewer write operations have to be performed while you get a much faster access in general. So is PlayStation 4 Pro really a 4K gaming console? While 3D NAND will eventually become more cost efficient as the number of layers increases, we are not there yet. We found a wide gap between Amazon and Newegg pricing while shopping for the MX300. The average size of PS4 PRO game is almost 50gb or maybe even more. This is also a feature that can prolong the drive’s lifetime as that pretty much is determined by the amount of writes. We should expect to see variable results in the launch period and based on what we’ve seen so far, that’s exactly what we get. PS4 PRO allows you to upgrade to any 2.5-inch form factor SATA drive, whether it’s an SSD, SSHD, or a regular hard drive. I absolutely love all the performance and endurance benefits V-NAND is bringing to the table, but if the 850 EVO can’t even compete with MLC drives in price, that’s a bit alarming. Newegg currently features a lower price for all MX300 models. At its best though, the results can look stunning – and it’s not as if we’re limited here simply to older titles. There is still hope that the MSRPs are just conservative and street prices could end up lower.

SSD can handle many games, but not too many

The limited size of SSD

The 1050GB drive sells for $269.99, and the 525GB is just $129.99. Rise of the Tomb Raider and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare both checkerboard up to 2160p and provide some remarkable results for a box with limited GPU power compared to the latest and greatest PC graphics hardware. Storing games on SSD will soon get it run out of space if your games are so many and of a top-notch class. If they don’t, while the 850 EVO is clearly the best performing “value” drive, it likely won’t see the same sort of success as its predecessor. The Limited Edition 750GB drive came to market at $199 and currently sells for $183. Elsewhere, results may seem a touch soft, but the presentation of, say, Uncharted 4, is still a palpable, worthwhile upgrade over the 1080p seen on base PlayStation 4 hardware.

Samsung also has a strong presence in the OEM desktop and laptop markets, but OEMs may not see enough to sway them over from the 840 EVO if prices are quite a bit higher. The other MX300 products should come down in price in a few months when we get past the current NAND shortage. Upgrade PS4 PRO hard drive to 4tb or even 6tb if the storage space is your main concern. For a £350/$400 console, I’ll take it, and it’s also worth noting that future software we’ve seen previewed shows that Pro’s 4K credentials just look stunning. The MX300 series ships with a three-year warranty that Crucial limited by the amount of data you write to the flash. Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone emphasise that cutting-edge software can provide a great 4K experience.

making an SSD the primary internal storage device of PS4 PRO


The MX300 525GB can write up to 160TB while the 1050GB can write up to 360TB over a three-year warranty period. A key part of the 4K package is HDR – high dynamic range. The drives ship with a key for Acronis True Image that you can download here. An SSD will make a real performance different to PS4 PRO system, but it’s too costly and with limited capacity tag. That means you don’t have enough space for the so many games you plan to store on it, so bear in mind to get either an external hard drive or get a larger internal hard drive upgrade. What I’ve seen so far reveals far more detail in scenes, ranging from subtle improvements all the way through to night and day improvements. The software allows you to clone the data from another storage device to the MX300.