Gaming M.2 Solid State Drive (SSD) Guide

Wonder how all those so-called latest gaming laptops are coming out skinnier than ever? Well, even if you consider yourself as someone not much short of a gaming tech expert, you’re likely not aware of this latest transformation in software hardware.

And this transformation is precisely what is allowing the newest gaming laptops to get into their skinniest-best look. So let’s cut to the chase and find out what’s this transformation is all about.

The Emergence of M.2 SSD for Gaming
The once slab-like shaped gaming SSDs are now slowly transforming into something that are not much different from small memory sticks. But as you can probably guess, the incredible decrease in size doesn’t come with any kind of decrease in capacity.

However, the m.2 SSDs are actually believed to be considerably faster than their traditional SSD counterparts in many cases, especially when it comes to gaming. And of course, you need not be told how crucial the speed factor is to gaming.

Then there are seemingly also several other advantages such as eliminating the requirement for separate power or drive bay. Coming to the size, currently the standard is 22mm in width. This is obviously a significant improvement from the comparatively large and bulky traditional SSDs.

That said, the more common m.2 SSDs come in a size of 60mm and 80mm, though you’re probably going to see a much larger range as these things get more popular.

Why Would You Want to Get One?
Well, the m.2 SSDs may seem a bit more expensive than the typical ones; however for the right buyers the benefits they offer may make it well worth it.

First and foremost is the speed advantage, which is likely going to keep getting better as newer models keep hitting the market. You may see a noticeable improvement in the loading timings of the games you play. And if you have picked the right product by spending a bit more than you would on a typical gaming SSD, then you may very well also experience a significant improvement in your overall gameplay.

Gamers that have tried these little beasts are talking about how they are loving it and the pleasant improvement in the overall game speed and way fewer issues than they used to encounter with bigger, more demanding games. Some also talk about how common issues when playing many games at max settings such as sudden FPS drops and poor texture load speeds have become a thing of the past, after switching to a brand new m.2 SSD.

Both the read and write speeds are going to be excellent, too, with an m.2, and you’re probably going to get much more bang for your buck with it than you would with an older SSD.

Performance wise, there’s little to nothing to complain about an m.2 SSD. They seem to work several times better than their traditional counterparts in the same capacity range, and would boost your overall PC performance as well.

Finally, if you’re a serious gamer and would like to take your gaming experience to the next level without really shelling out a lot of money or putting in a lot of effort (these little wonder sticks are surprisingly easy to install as well), getting a good m.2 SSD is something you may definitely want to consider.