Formatting the Internal Hard Drive (HDD) of PS4 PRO

Formatting the Internal Hard Drive (HDD) of PS4 PRO

Before replacing the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO with a better-in-performance and larger-in-capacity drive, you need to make sure it’s well-formatted to the extent that it works fine, without any issue, with PS4 PRO operating system.

Why to format the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO

There’s a lot of tech that we don’t understand, and consequently, a lot of tech that we don’t need to understand. Here’s a thought: what’s the most valuable component inside your PC? A hard disk is still the most common mass storage. We disassembled a hard drive to show you the main components you will find on a hard drive. Do I need to know how a Hadron Collider works?
Valuable to you that is – not in terms of resale value. SSD disks are replacing mechanical hard drives. Formatting the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO will help the drive to operate correctly and seamlessly with the PS4 PRO system software that requires the drive it’s installed on to be formatted. Hard drives have two kinds of components: internal and external. Probably not. PC kit doesn’t really make for good family heirlooms, unless your grandfather bought an AdLib sound card in his final days and it was passed on to you.

formatting ps4 pro hard drive

A hard disk contains one or more rotating disks(platters). Both sides of a disk can be used. External components are located on a printed circuit board called logic board while internal components are located in a sealed chamber called HDA or Hard Drive Assembly. If you are about to upgrade the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO, check our PS4 PRO HDD upgrade guide first, where all the drives listed there are pre-formatted by factory. Do I need to understand that the CD tray in my desktop computer is not a coffee cup holder? But for most of us, the most valuable component is definitely the hard drive. Data is written on circular tracks on the disk surface.

How big the HDD capacity is to format

You cannot open a hard drive or you will make your drive unusable. Probably. If a CPU blows up or a graphics card buys the farm, we can simply buy new ones. Each track is divided into sectors. Hard drives are assembled in clean rooms (cleaner than surgery rooms) and then sealed. Formatting a 4tb hard drive for PS4 PRO is similar to formatting other larger or smaller sizes. You can look into our PS4 4tb hard drive guide for the top-notch options in this regard. Most of us have an innate curiosity—developed when we were wee lads and lassies and thought that refrigerator gnomes existed to turn the fridge lights on and off—that spurs our need to know things. But if a hard drive says “goodbye cruel world”, taking all of your vital files with it (and you don’t have recent backups), well, no amount of money can fix that. Sector size is normally 512B. Any particle of dust inside the HDA can destroy the surface of the discs, because the discs spin at a very high speed (at least 5,400 rpm nowadays). This would not only lead to data loss, but also the physical destruction of the disc surface. Perfect example: hard drives.

Ensuring the system file type

And yet, despite its importance, the humble hard drive doesn’t get much attention. Some manifactures use larger sectors, 4 KiB, in new hard disks. So, there is no serviceable part inside the HDA – at least for the regular technician. It’s not mandatory to ensure the system file type of the formatted hard drive you consider for PS4 PRO hard drive upgrade. But you can think then about a 2tb HDD upgrade for PS4 PRO in order to expand the internal storage capacity of your game console. We know they exist, we see them listed in the specifications for computers we buy, and yet very few know how they work. We all have a tendency to focus on flashy things such as new distros and desktop environments, but there’s a wealth of useful information to discover and learn about these devices.

the importance of formatting PS4 PRO HDD

Partitioning the drive

Hard disk is slow because before data can be read or written the read head must move over the right track and the disk must rotate to the right orientation. Only data recovery companies with clean rooms can open and replace components inside the HDA. PS4 PRO operating system doesn’t recognize any other partition on its hard drive except the main partition, so make sure that your drive is on one partition only. Here’s a very quick look at what is inside a hard drive. For instance, there are many different strategies for splitting up the disk into different chunks (partitions), affecting security and performance. When the right sector is found reading and writing is fast.


Anyway, before exploring the components located both the logic board and inside the HDA, let’s take a look at the connectors found on a regular hard drive. Hard drives are composed of platters; think of them as mini vinyl records stacked on top of each other. Generally, you don’t have to format the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO, as most of the HDD brands on the market today are pre-formatted and ready-to-use. There are different types of filesystem you can use, and tricks you can employ to recover data if something goes wrong. The typical 2 TB hard disk as of 2013 has two 1TB platters, and 4TB drives use four platters. Hard disk drives have basically two connectors, one for power and other for exchanging data with the computer. On hard disks, the data are stored on the disk in thin, concentric bands called tracks. The master/slave jumper on ATA hard drives can be configured in three different ways. All well and good, no? Our aim in this feature is to teach you everything that’s worth knowing about hard drives – and a little bit more as well. There can be more than a thousand tracks on a 3½ inch hard disk.