Deciding which hard drive is best for PS4 PRO

When going to replace the stock internal hard drive of PS4 PRO with a larger capacity drive, you might be stuck with the variety of options available for this purpose, including the brands to choose from and the storage capacity to go with that match your storage needs from the new drive.

Choosing among the Hard Drive brands

Here, the BarraCuda come in second behind the WD Black 6TB with 210.70MB/s write and 213.09MB/s read, just slightly behind the WD that had 214.53MB/s read. According to Seagate it should have an average transfer rate of 156 MB/s, and an average access time of 8.5 ms. The best hard drive upgrade for PS4 PRO cannot be nominated without testing each brand and calculating the resulted metrics. That’s unusual; hard drives tend to write faster on the outside of the platters where sectors whip by at a faster pace than on the inner portions of the disc. Random write performance goes up by almost 20% when you compare the Barracuda XT to the Barracuda Green. Put it this way; Serial ATA I operates at 1.5Gb/s, Serial ATA II operates at 3Gb/s and Serial ATA III runs at 6Gb/s. Even as a PS4 Slim users, the 2tb HDD upgrade is pretty sufficient for almost all storage needs. Power consumption is slated to hover around 4.5 watts at idle while average load sits at 6.8 watts. Our last series of synthetic benchmarks compare the hard drives in a series of server mixed-workloads with a queue depth of ranging from 1 to 128. Those are good stats for a 3.5-inch 7200rpm drive. More fodder for speculation. Performance in this test is mostly governed by spindle speed (and firmware), so it makes Seagate’s case perfectly.

PS4 PRO game console

Performance and endurance

You’d be hard pressed to saturate a SATA II connection with 3Gb/s burst of data for anything more than a fleeting moment and that’s why SATA III, while a faster interface , realistically has a small impact in bandwidth intensive situations. PS4 PRO hard drive performance is not of high level, even when we talk about its endurance, we actually deal with a mid-range drive. The MSRP of the Barracuda Pro in the 10TB capacity comes in at $534.99 with a five-year warranty. In fact, most users don’t need a 4tb hard drive capacity for upgrading their PS4 PRO storage device. Each of our server profile tests has a strong preference towards read activity, ranging from 67% read with our database profile to 100% read in our web server profile. We tested both 4 TB hard drives with our standard hard disk benchmarks. The Barracuda Pro also draws a mere (in HDD terms) 6.8 watts when operating.

The need for upgrading PS4 PRO HDD

There is a segment that Seagate isn’t considering as it decides to axe the Green line: the home server market. Mechanical hard drives just aren’t fast enough to saturate a 6Gb/s bandwidth connection continuously, but moving forward new technologies and Solid State Drives (SSD) likely will. One of the biggest metrics for vendors has been power efficiency. PS4 PRO hard drive is too limited in its storage capability, and for this reason many fanboys tend to upgrade it with a larger drive. The first is our database profile, which uses a 67% read and 33% write workload mix primarily centered on 8K transfer sizes, shows the BarraCuda starting off strong at 80.35 IOPS and finishing in second with 174.22 IOPS or 11 IOPS under the top performer, the WD Black 6TB. Think about 2tb hard drive replacement for PS4 PRO if you are serious about adding more storage space to your game console. To provide comparison material, on the following pages you will find all recent 2TB, 3TB and 4TB drives we have tested recently, in addition to the recently tested Western Digital Raptor 1TB.

upgrading the internal hard drive of PS4 PRO

Last Words

That’s very low for a hard drive, and far lower than, say, the five 2TB drives you’d need to get the same amount of capacity.10TB is a lot of data. If you’re doing mass archival to some external storage, random performance is likely not a big concern. You need to get a good hard drive for the purpose of replacing the stock hard drive of PS4 PRO, but you need then to be careful about which brand and size to pick. It’s considered good form to use SATA 6Gb/s rated cables with SATA III hard drives. With the 10TB solutions, both the EnCap and Barracuda Pro we see a similar pattern at QD32. Our web server profile is read-only with a spread of transfer sizes from 512-byte to 512KB.

The most important test remains PCMark Vantage which gives a score for real world performance by running simulations of hard drive activity of real programmes. I have a hard time filling up my lone WD 4TB drive and there is a lot of multimedia on there. Deciding among the HDDs on the market is not that difficult, you just need to know what PS4 PRO game console needs and you will mostly be fine. Instead, all you want is cheap, low-power storage. The reason is that some cheap SATA cables bundled with motherboards may be fine at SATA II levels, but can be subject to electrical interference that hampers SATA III speeds due to lack of cable shielding, poor quality materials, etc. Through random workloads, the drive sticks around 5.7 watts and transitioning into sequential jumps to 7.5 and settles down a hair over seven at 7.1 watts.