PS4 Compatible External HDD List

Listing the best compatible external hard drives for PS4This is such a unique list that you can’t find similar to it on the internet. The selection of its items is based mainly on my long experience in data storage devices. Not only that. Since many months I have been resolving many issues related to the use of external hard drives on PS4. This has contributed immensely to my knowledge and expertise.

Note that when I selected the drives below, my main focus was their performance and compatibility as PS4 extended storage solutions. That’s because generally, choosing an external hard drive for gaming needs much care and caution, because gaming external hard drives must be fast, reliable and last for long without a serious failure. Whereas backup solutions don’t need that high level of interest/concern.

This section is divided into two subsections to accommodate all types of users.

Enthusiasts & Power Users

Enthusiast PS4 gamerIf you’re a serious gamer, you have to pick a solid and powerful storage device for your gaming purposes. It has to feature a solid performance as well as high reliability.

Just until recently, I used to recommend portable external hard drives for PS4 users. I was driven by their portability, usability and compact size, and surely the “hypes” the external HDD manufacturers made on their products.

But, after seeing that many customers came to my shop complaining of their PS4 portable external hard drives, I had to make new calculations then. Especially that almost no one of the complainers had a desktop AC-powered external HDD. All (as I remember) grumbled of portable drives. So, eventually, I figured out that portable hard drives are not suitable for long-term gaming. That’s for two major reasons, which are:

  • Receiving data and electric power from the SAME cable subjects the external HDD to more electrical shocks. Thus, the lifespan of the drive will decrease by time and the performance will degrade as well. (Note that this is not the case with external SSDs, as they are shockproof drives.)
  • Portable external hard drives are crammed inside tight metal enclosures. This may lead to overheat by time when used for few continuous hours in heavy workload conditions. Moreover, metal enclosure create electromagnetic field around the drive in the air layer that separates the surface of the drive from the enclosure. Therefore, with the generated heat, and the absence of an air outlet, the drive may fail suddenly without any warning.

No Portable External HDD for PS4

That said. If you see yourself a serious PS4 gamer, you have to exclude portable hard drives from your consideration. They only fit for backup purposes and that’s the intention of their design in the first place. Consequently, this puts you in front of two options: Either go for expensive external SSDs or stationary AC powered desktop external hard drives. Honestly, unless you care for portability, I strongly recommend the desktop AC-powered drives.

One more important point here to heed. If you want the most out of your gaming external hard drive, you better build it yourself. I’m saying that because most, if not all, branded external hard drives are designed generally for backup purposes. Therefore their performance and reliability, and consequently price is lower than internal hard drives.

Building High-End PS4 Gaming External HDD

Building your own high-performance PS4 compatible gaming external hard drive is pretty easy. You just need to know what items to pick and assemble. Here I will help you with my expertise and knowledge to get the best parts for this purpose.

High-End 3.5-inch Internal HDD

The first and most important part in this structure is the hard drive. We’re going to use a high-end 3.5-inch, desktop internal hard drive. I recommend one of the following drives.

ٍWD Black Performance Hard Drive
Western Digital (WD) Black Performance Internal hard drive (HDD) has been chosen by several IT professionals as the best, high-performance hard drive for PC. This drive delivers cutting-edge performance and reliability for gaming as well as a longer 5-year limited warranty.

It comes in various capacities that range from 1tb to 6tb. It’s the perfect drive for gaming external storage.

There are other good alternatives to this drive as well. They’re all solid drives that deliver enterprise performance that suits enthusiastic gaming.

Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive
Toshiba X300 Performance HDD

Eventually, no matter what hard drive you go for from that list, it is all a good choice.

Now, we need a hard drive mounting device that offers the best cooling performance for hard drives. You can either go for a docking station or an external enclosure with a built-in cooling fan.

Hard Drive Docking Station

The best thing about hard drive docking station is the concept of HDD cooling. The hard drive is not kept inside a metal enclosure that may cause some problems in the long run concerning overheating or electromagnetic fields. Consequently, this may contribute to the lifespan extension of the drive and make it live longer.

ٍRSHTECH Single Bay HDD Docking Station
This is my top choice for gaming external hard drives. It’s a well-made device and very usable. It can handle up to 10tb of hard drive capacity (although PS4 system supports maximum 8tb). According to the manufacturer, this device uses the upgraded ASM1153E chip and supports UASP protocol, which offers 70% faster data transfer speed than traditional USB 3.0.

There’s another good alternative to this device that you may consider as well.

Inateck Drive Docking Station

External HDD Enclosure with Fan

If you don’t like the HDD docking station, you can try something else: An external hard drive enclosure with a cooling air fan.

ٍFIDECO 3.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure
This hard drive enclosure is a viable alternative to the hard drive docking station. It comes with a built-in air cooling fan to ensure maximum level of heat dissipation.

You may want to go for this device if you need some portability with your PS4 external hard drive.

As for warranty, it comes with 18-month limited warranty and 24/7 hour support.

There’s another good alternative to this device that you may consider as well.

FUHAOXUAN Hard Drive Enclosure

Mainstream Users & Backup Purposes

If you consider yourself a mainstream/average PS4 user and your use of external hard drive is just a few hours daily (between 2 to 3), any regular PS4 compatible external hard drive can meet your needs as long as it offers the storage capacity you want. It seems like all branded external drives belong to this category—the mainstream/entry-level. Therefore, don’t expect a cutting-edge performance from any of them. Certainly they are less in quality than the ones an enthusiast would consider.

PS4 Backup Purposes

Additionally, choosing an external hard drive for PS4 backup doesn’t require you to be so picky. That’s because backup external hard drives won’t have to handle heavy workloads like that of gaming. So, do not be so extreme here and emphasize on high standards. The most important point here to take care of when you consider a backup storage device is reliability. Therefore, if you find a drive with a good rating and offers at least 2-year warranty, it’s definitely a good choice for that purpose.

The best PS4 compatible external hard drive I recommend for mainstream users and backup purposes is:

ٍWD Elements Desktop Hard Drive
WD elements desktop storage with USB 3.0 offers reliable, high-capacity, add-on storage, fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. The sleek design features up to 8TB capacity plus WD quality and reliability. Furthermore, this drive comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

To this point the recommendation section ends and what follows is educational content that contains valuable information on PS4 external hard drive compatibility.

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