Best PS4 PRO Memory Upgrade Options

When it comes to PS4 PRO, the best favor you can do to this superb game console is to upgrade its memory size to a larger volume, by replacing the primary memory device, featured by a traditional hard drive, with a larger and faster drive. That way you make sure you’ll no longer run out of space, and you have enough memory to enjoy all your favorite games without the need of deleting them off

Best PS4 PRO Storage Upgrade Options

To a wide variety of enthusiasts and power users, PS4 PRO stock storage device is too limited in terms of capacity and performance, to the extent that it doesn’t meet their ambition in a professional gaming platform. For this reason, the only workaround for this situation is to replace the PS4 PRO internal storage device with a larger and faster device that completely complies with the standards of PS4 PRO system, and for this purpose

What’s better for PS4 PRO—an SSD or a regular HDD?

Everybody is talking about Solid State Drive (SSD) as the ultimate best data storage solution for computers and game consoles. This issue leads us to question the validity of using an SSD with PS4 PRO, and whether it’s good enough and worth the big amount of money paid for it, or a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) should be on the top of the priority list when it comes to upgrading the stock storage device

Unleash the hidden power of PS4 PRO SSD

When incorporating a solid state drive (SSD) inside PS4 PRO after replacing the stock hard drive with it, a blazing speed will be noticed by the user to an unbelievable level. That’s because an SSD is already the fastest data storage device compared with its other alternatives like HDD and SSHD, and this supposedly offers higher data transfer rates to the overall functionality of PS4 PRO system.

How many PS4 PRO games can an SSD handle?

PS4 PRO compatible games are so many, and the storage device that PS4 PRO comes with seems too limited to some enthusiast to the extent that they tend to replace the stock hard drive with another larger one. Additionally, the high speed that an SSD offers makes it too appealing to go for it as a choice, but the high price, on other hand, makes it a drawback.

Which SSD size is recommended for PS4 PRO—1tb or 2tb?

Now since PS4 PRO offers full support for SATA III bus interface, there’s nothing, except price, ceases us from recommending an SSD as a storage device replacement for enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. But there’s a question arises here: What SSD capacity/size is good for PS4 PRO? Is 1tb SSD enough? Or you need a 2tb or even more?

How long can an SSD last with PS4 PRO game console

There’s a question brought up in my mind about solid-state drives (SSD) incorporated inside PS4 PRO game console box as a primary storage device, which is: How long can this super-fast storage device last under heavy workloads and serious gaming environment?

Will SSD be a good storage upgrade for PS4 PRO

After replacing the stock hard drive of PS4 PRO with a solid state drive (SSD), a big speed boost will be noticeable in almost all games when the user launches them or move through the sessions/stages. But is it worth the upgrade and the premium price assigned to it?

How to maintain an SSD with PS4 PRO

If you have already swapped the stock hard drive of PS4 PRO with the blazing-speed flash-based solid state drive (SSD), then you might wonder how to maintain the performance of the new SSD inside PS4 PRO, and how to protect it from degradation that has an passive impact on the overall speed of PS4 PRO game console.